Getting a Body and Heart Checkup

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We are all under huge stress and pressure these last few years. Kids home from school 1+ week, constant changes in business and workflows, moving, the list goes on and on.

Finally, I felt I had to pay attention to the pains in my chest and get it looked at (well Wendy is the one who insisted). Monday, July 4 (happy holiday!) we took a 45 min taxi drive to a hospital where she had a heart doctor friend – here in Shenzhen. Giving him a gift (tea box set), we got into the doctor office and answered some questions.

No drinking, no smoking, sleep 9pm at night, up 530am each day. Doctor was impressed.

Then he asked about the pains.

First, it isn’t like I am in deep pain in my heart – it is a pain in the artery leading to my heart, and just a seizing grasp around my heart. The doctor pushed on my heart but it didn’t hurt. It isn’t really a pain, it is a pressure.

So – Wendy and I went to get a scan.

And a check

Standing Scan

Not sure what this one is called, but after a prisoner left the room (seriously – a man in handcuffs and chains around his feet with police surrounding him), it was my turn to get a scan.

Taking the receipt and back to the heart doctor.

The results showed this strange white dot in it

So the doctor thought I must have kept a metal pin on my shirt, or a piece of metal in my button. Nope, Wendy was holding all metal objects and in the other room.

So next, he sent me to a CT scan.

Chatting to David on wechat – was it cancer? Calm down, lets get the other tests.

CT Scan

This maybe as the first experience for me to get a CT scan. Lying down, hands up, I went through a tube. Eyes were closed, and you get this idea that – is this it?


Another receipt, and up to the heart doctor on floor 4.

He looked it up on the computer and I was able to see the insides of my body – in 3D. Layer by layer, nothing was showing up.

So he said it is nothing. No medicine needed, my heart is fine.

Maybe Just Pressure And Stress

Maybe need anther temple trip, Wendy suggests ?  (Can read up on my amazing temple experience here).


Just the attempt to move to another country, the business constantly changing, holding the family, the team, franchisees for blimp, customers for various projects such as Indigitus – keeping everyone together and happy.

Meir suggests I need to do some Wim Hof meditation – and sent me a link. That has helped quite a bit in just the next morning – check that out

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