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Tools of Titans Notes

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So I read and reviewed Tools of Titans book back in 2016 but realized I hadn’t put all my extensive notes on it (I wrote a ton of notes) here on the blog – what the heck? So I hope you enjoy these, they are notes – but been helpful for me to glance over as well through the years. …

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Appreciate Your Parents

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I know I have talked about this before- but it is so true – you really appreciate your parents once you become a parent yourself. Especially since I’m a “single dad” right now – it is overwhelming. Yet at the same time, kids just show you basic, raw human nature. Want food, sleep, entertainment. And just directly showing that they …

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Preparing for Single Dad Life (again)

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We will be….. Witnessing Single Dad Life Again So the wife is off to INDIA (crazy, yes, I know) for a Buddhist retreat this weekend. She flies out on Thursday morning and will be back “sometime next week” (return flight not booked yet). She says I have experience For those who remember – I went to USA without her last …

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Building The Boy Scouts Website

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Contributing Back To Boy Scouts – Remotely Boy Scouts had a huge positive influence on me growing up. It gave me structure to build on outside of the grind of school. I talk about my boy scout experiences more here and here if you’re curious. And over the holidays I was contacted by my Scout Master – Bill Gervais trying …

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Close Call

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Close Call (Daughter Put a Bead Up Her Nose) Just a normal Saturday evening at home. Reading a book to Miles and Maggie when suddenly about halfway through the book Maggie says her nose hurts. She is scratching at it a bit. Trying to figure out and she says (in Chinese) “toy”. I call Wendy over to help. Maggie explains …

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Clockwork Book Review (ACDC, QBR, & 4D Systems)

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Lets me spend more time with my daughter (and son) due to Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself Another great management book I will be recommending other entrepreneurs to read alongside eMyth and Work the System and Traction – how are they all different? Well I am a junkie for reading these kinds of books – but some key …

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Before the Exit Book Review (Don’t Sell!)

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A quick review of my buddy Dan Andrew’s book – Before The Exit: Thought Experiments For Entrepreneurs. Already put this up on Amazon as soon as I devoured it on my Kindle – but wanting to document more on the bloggity-blog here too. Makes me never want to sell! 😉 Thanks Dan for this counter-intuitive advice. I was also fortunate …

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Rules To Teach Your Son

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Browsing Facebook and found this (from Ray Costa) and want to document it for the blog. For life. For me to remind myself how I should be raising my own kid. and how maybe you can learn and be inspired on how to teach yours! Cheers and enjoy: RULES TO TEACH YOUR SON: 1. Never shake a man’s hand sitting …

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Online Income Bible Book Review

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So here’s my Book Review for the Online Income Bible I’ve been blogging and creating content for years and it was a great rundown of all the steps someone needs to take to do what Manuel and I have been doing for years. Like other reviews I have read on the book, Manuel tells it like it is and doesn’t …

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My Son is Meditating!

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So this just happened…. My son is meditating. So the kids are back in school, and of course there is that new stress of going to bed earlier and waking up early for getting ready for school. Wendy saw him a bit stressing out yesterday evening and took him into her meditation room (aka Buddha room). I thought she was …