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In Bloomberg About the Trade War & SME Effects

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Quoted in Bloomberg About China/USA Amazon FBA Merchant Stress I’ve been talking to quite a few journalists lately about the effects of the USA/China trade war on small business owners. One of them decided to take a quote – and it is in Bloomberg, Monday June 24, 2019 Here’s the link (paywall): And here’s a screen capture And here’s …

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My Son Is a Budding Artist

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My son is an artist (family of artists) Uncle Bill has really been enjoying the photos lately in various social media channels (I’m not as active there – but my wife has figured out Facebook now that she’s outside of China, heh…) Here’s a photo he drew over the weekend. I have to admit – it was his idea to …

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Big Changes Coming to Hong Kong

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Big Changes Coming in Hong Kong and China Just coming back from my second trip to China and Hong Kong and wow – things are changing so fast. I’ll write up a proper business post on my business blog Global From Asia soon – but here its personal. Really – the writing is on the wall about the speed of …

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Missing The Hustle of China Life

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Missing China It is approaching a year since the family and I moved out of Shenzhen, China. There are of course the good, the bad, and the ugly in any city / country / state in the world – that is what makes life beautiful right? Today, as I am on my second trip to China in less than a …

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Another China Trip (June 2019)

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Taking a Rather Quick Return Trip to China So the frequency of trips to Hong Kong and China has always been something of an experiment since I moved to Thailand. I took a week there at the end of May 9999 and there was still so much to do. On top of that – honestly it is hard to do …

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Book Review – Atomic Habits

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Book Review: Atomic Habits Been meaning to read this productivity books called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear – and it was definitely worth the time and investment (I consider the 10usd or so I paid for the Kindle book nothing compared to the time someone invests in reading an actual book). Here are my key takeaways of the book Time …

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Build A Foundation Like Bamboo

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Feeling Like Bamboo, and The Shoots Are Coming A pretty cool clip I read while reading Atomic Habits book is about building habits / systems – not just goals. What is this story of bamboo? It spends 5 years underground building its roots. Making a strong and solid foundation. Then, after those five years, it suddenly shoots up into the …

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Plans for Rest of 2019

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Plans For Next Six Months We are almost halfway through the year. It has been an intense one for sure, settling in to Thailand life, luckily got the visa sorted for the whole family. While my “wild travel adventures” have slowed down, they haven’t dropped to a halt. Using today’s blog to share the plans for the rest of 2019. …

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Took Kids To The Beach (Amazing Vibes)

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Wow, the feeling you get when your kids put their water in the ocean. I have taken them to the beach before (I remember when I visited my family in Florida we all got in the water) – but maybe they are old enough to appreciate it now. The ocean, something about the sheer size of the ocean and the …

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The Food You Eat (You Are What You Eat?)

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Been getting mostly positive feedback on the I don’t drink blog post here. Some say I am hiding behind my blog to avoid confrontation – sure, that makes some sense – but at the same time it has already helped prepare people in advance so no misunderstandings. If you just want to hear what I can and cannot eat – …

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Reminder Of Family Bonding, In Southeast Asia

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The Family Bonding In Southeast Asia Definitely more “cowboys and indians” style here in Southeast Asia compared to the last few years in Shenzhen. Actually it is mind-blowing to think how fast Shenzhen, China developed from seeing things like this photo featured today into a police state where nothing like this seems even possible anymore. I took the photo in …

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Mike’s Blog turns 12 years old

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This blog turns 12 On March 26, 2007 I started this blog. I had quit my job on Wall Street – at Deutsche Bank – and was going full time entrepreneur – selling bar products online (which we had been doing since 2004) and sourcing from China (a new domain was registered then – I enjoy just blogging. I …