Transitioning Kids To Full Time School (Retiring as a Home School Teacher?)

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2020, what a year. Entering into September and there was a family dinner and discussion about the Fall semester. Home schooling has been taking a lot of time on the family – from meal preparations to 3 of us sharing full day classes (Wendy morning Math, Grandpa Chinese in late morning, and my English classes in afternoon) – so we are going to try full time kindergarten here in Shenyang, China.

8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Meals inside too. The school is literally across the street. The nice thing is no long term contracts – can do month to month, so let’s try it out.

To enter the school – children now need a health certificate / take a test. So Wendy took Miles and Maggie to a hospital to get their tests. The processing took a couple days – so I had some extra days to do more home schooling.

The last couple days of my home schooling was a little sad. Miles was really excited to go to school and make friends – but Maggie was a stronger no. She liked the way things were going.

For me, I am just nervous that it is full time Chinese language.

So we worked it out, I’ll do my English classes before dinner for an hour or so. Hope that can work.

This was the main reason we went to Thailand in the first place. For the English school.

If you look at the video, you’ll see the format of the classroom – 24 kids per class, 2 per desk. Traditional wood desks, Wendy says it was the same kind of desk she had.

Made me cringe a bit to be honest.

What an amazing experience my children are getting. So young and already traveling – to Thailand, China, a bit in USA. In multiple language environments – Chinese, English, and a little bit of Thai.

Well, just thought I’d share this update on the video blog below. This is one of the scarier transitions – but luckily it can be a short term test.

Let’s see what the kids think. That is what matters. Seems they are preferring to communicate in Chinese.

I’ll update you as we go.

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