Meeting Angelica – Working Online Over 4 Years Now

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Was able to meet Angelica who worked with me at our Global From Asia community for a bit a couple years ago. She’s based here in Manila and as I have been saying trying to get face time with as many people on the team and in the network for long term relationship building and collaborations.

She just had her first baby, a baby girl, back in November and she is explaining the process of having a kid and working online.

Tough, as I know first hand!

She is still a workaholic as she was when with us!

Getting in part time hours while taking care of her daughter. She loves working online with flexible hours and time. Her current employer is flexible on how many hours she works as she just had a child, and works in the early mornings and in the late afternoons.

The big benefit of her working online is skipping the traffic and stress of Manila traffic. I can totally agree with that one. Keep it up Angelica and glad we got to meet up!

Watch our brief encounter here:

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