Taking the Fam to America! USA trip in September

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I’m excited to say that I am taking Miles to USA for the first time! We booked the flights for September and Wendy, Miles, and I will be cramming onto an international flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco!

International Flight Details

So I booked it for September 11 and will stick in the States until about the end of the month. I always pick San Francisco or West coast for the international flight as it is so much cheaper and flight time options. Plus it is a shorter flight than going to New York.

Departing From Asia to SFO

Hong Kong (HKG) to San Francisco (SFO)
United 862
Depart: Friday, 09/11/15 11:30 AM
Arrive: Friday, 09/11/15 9:00 AM

San Francisco to Newark / New York

Monday, 09/14/2015
Depart SFO 8:00 AM
Arrive EWR 4:30 PM

Newark to Florida (there & back)

Booking a round trip ticket from New York (or maybe Connecticut) to Florida

Tue Sep 15 2015, 12:48 PM
Depart: Newark, NY (EWR)
Arrive: West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)
Tue Sep 15 2015, 3:30 PM
Flight 643
JetBlue Nonstop

West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)
Newark, NY (EWR)
Thu Sep 24 2015, 11:12 AM to 1:59 PM
Flight 544

Friday Sept 25 – New Haven, Connecticut

Saturday Sept 26 – Hartford, Connecticut

Sunday Sept 27 – NYC?

Newark / New York to San Francisco

Monday, 09/28/2015

Depart EWR – 7:30 AM
Arrive SFO – 10:35 AM

Returning to Asia

San Francisco (SFO) to Hong Kong (HKG)
United 869
Depart Tuesday, 09/29/15 1:30 PM
Arrive Wednesday, 09/30/15 6:40 PM (due to time difference its +1 day)

Purpose of the Trip – always mix of Family and Business

So what’s the goal of this trip? Like everything I do, it is a mixture of business and pleasure. But honestly this time the primary reason is for family. My parents, sister, and basically my whole family hasn’t met Miles yet. He will be a year and a half old during the trip, and the free flights for kids ends when he turns two years old. While he may not remember this trip, his family sure will! We’ll take tons of photos and catch up on things.

But of course, I will be keeping up with my normal work while I’m on the road. And I also hope to do some business meetings and events. It is going to come up soon so I need to confirm it. Let me share the cities I plan to go to, maybe you can give me some suggestions!

Cities We Plan To Visit

San Francisco

So we land in SF, and hope to spend a day or two there. Meet friends and tech dudes. I’ll probably have to organize some sort of meetup or even a training session.

New York

Always gotta see New York, its still my favorite city in America. I had a great time last year meeting friends, classmates, and old work colleagues at a pub and they seemed to want to do it again next time.

Connecticut – Maybe?

My hometown of Connecticut – it is not too far from New York – but still, with my wife and kid to travel with I’m trying to figure out how to balance the crying and changing of diapers and trains, transfers, cars. I’ve talked to my buddy Andrew already and he’s willing to take me up from New York. And I have my Aunts and Uncles in the Northeast that really want to meet Miles.

This one is a question mark for right now, as I do want to spend majority of my time in Florida with my parents.


This is where I hope to relax and spend time with my family. Hopefully some family members and friends from other parts of the US can come by and meet. I plan to spend at least a week or week and a half here. I’m also excited to be in touch with Claudia in Sunny Isles as we did a China Business Workshop last year that was a lot of fun and we want to do another one. So I’ll probably make it down and also to Miami for a bit since its so close.

Return Flights Back to SF

Then I need to figure out how to get back to SF from Florida. Do I book return tickets from Florida to New York, and then the return from New York to SF? Maybe spend a day or two in NY on the way back, also in case of flight delays or other last minute meetings that could come up.

Let me Know

Thanks for reading through this, I’m always excited to get back on the road. And I’m really excited to meet my friends and family back home too. If you have some ideas of where I should go, what I should do, or maybe some ideas for events and business meetups – please let me know. I have done a few China Business Workshops in the past in LA, NY, Florida, and am thinking this could be a fun and potentially profitable way to help offset some of the travel costs for me and my new family!

I’m always keeping an open mind for cooperation and alliances, so don’t be shy!

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