Interviewed on RTHK’s Money For Nothing Radio Show

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Last week (Friday morning) I was invited as a guest on RTHK’s Radio show “Money for Nothing”. Was a different experience from my time podcasting, as it is so rushed. But was an amazing experience with the professional setup right in downtown Hong Kong.

What is RTHK?

RTHK is Radio Television Hong Kong, it is an official network for radio and TV in the Special administrative region.

What is Money for Nothing?

Money for Nothing show is a financail show that is in the morning. Talking about the financial markets, what happened in the US and Europe markets the day before, what to expect when the Hong Kong and Asia financial markets open.

What Was I interviewed about?

I came on to share about how Westerners are able to do startups in China. The China Startup scene. Can foreigners raise money in China. It was so rushed I was on for probably less than 5 minutes total. Obviously so much more to say. But it was fun and I hope I helped the listeners

How did I get on the show?

From the Global From Asia podcast! Shout out to Robert Allender who is a super connector and really enjoys my podcast. He had been discussing with his contacts at RTHK about getting me on a show to share and after months it went through. Thanks Robert for helping make it happen.

Want to listen? It’s Online

Though the show is broadcast live, it is also recorded and published online. You can listen to the show via internet streaming here

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