Launching China Mastermind via China Business Cast!

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Wow, want to more about China Business Cast podcast and other business updates of mine?

Didn’t realize people actually check this blog ( for updates about my business updates. Honestly I just write this blog as a place to get pieces of my brain out to the world, and who wants to read it can read it.

Today, let’s update everyone on China Business Cast. Those of you who’ve been following the blog know I took the podcast over from JP earlier this year and have been running it solo.

Now, we have some exciting updates worth sharing.

Brought on Shlomo Freund As Co-Host

With great power comes great responsibility.

Running a podcast is a lot of work! Its a great experience and you meet amazing guests and connect with a fun audience.

I had been on a China business mastermind this year, and Shlomo and I got to know each other much more on the call. We had met in Beijing during a Startup Weekend, and had been talking on social media for years earlier. He’s doing some cool stuff, like his personal blog about China startups – Startup Noodle and a service to help people get their mobile app to Chinese users via App in China.

We also get along really well.

He also has great connections in the China tech space and has already helped get some great guests (we’ve done a few episodes together already).

So starting from episode 25 onwards you’ll notice Shlomo and I co-hosting together. Welcome to the show buddy. 🙂

A New China Business Mastermind

Having done our own small mastermind together, we know the power of getting like minded people together to make things happen. So we are launching a “China MastermindX” codename (we’re crowdsourcing ideas for a name, suggest one if you have ideas)

What’s a mastermind? Ya, it does sound a bit geeky and even scary, but basically its a regular scheduled call of a group of like minded people who help each other to achieve a common goal, or reach a new milestone in their life or business. Of course since this is about China business, this mastermind will be about helping you to achieve your goals in the China business market.

On top of the regular calls, there will be a private Facebook group for members so we can share updates and ask questions between the sessions. Shalom and I will both be moderating and assisting, so talk about a double whammy of value!

The pricing and all the details can be found on the page Mastermind X and I would be so happy to see some of today’s blog readers check it out and apply.

Please note this is a premium mastermind and there is a price tag involved. This is for Shlomo and my time and expertise. We’re only allowing up to 8 members in this first one and will work to our fullest extent to make you successful! But ultimately, as in anything in business it is up to you to execute on the ideas and advice we share in the mastermind.

So check it out and apply!
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Other Updates & We Want Feedback!

So in addition to the new cohost and mastermind, we have been getting requests for sponsorship. With a healthy subscriber list of focused people (like you perhaps) who want to do business in China, its a great fit for the right sponsor.

Ya, my first time to put sponsors on any podcast I’ve done. Second baby coming, you guys understand right!

We’re also adding the photo of the guest onto the artwork (similar to what I do in Global From Asia) and putting more information about the guest on the show notes in the blog.

Trying to keep it fun and personal, Shlomo and I share a bit about what we’ve been up to personally since the last call, and with holidays coming it is fun to see how a Jewish and an American celebrate during this internationally diverse environment.

No matter what, I hope you check out China Business Cast and pick an episode or two to listen to. Its free and we put a lot of time and energy into giving you the best value for your time.

We of course appreciate and grow from any feedback you have. Are you listening? Enjoy it? Send me an email I’d love to hear it.

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