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Its been a while since I have updated everyone here about Social Agent. Its been a bit over a year since the startup merged with Unchained Apps and time we give everyone an update.

Released a Totally New App!

We went back to basics and the core of what we were trying to solve. That is – making introductions to help someone do business. This can be a phone book contact or someone from social media. Use Social Agent to quickly access your contacts (phone book only for now in 1.0) and send that introduction to your target recipient.

Are you a business connector? What’s that? Someone who is making tons of referrals and introductions and adding value to society.

I definitely am one, as a blogger and writer, I love connecting with people. So Social Agent helps me to quickly find someone in my phone book, and introduce to someone requesting it.

Sure, you can do that already with email. Here’s the difference. It keeps a history of your introductions in the second tab.

For now, it just shows the history, but in coming updates you can leave comments and alert those people that you’re curious how the connection is going. Then you can imagine, you want to check all the introductions you made this past month and you want to see if they connected or not. Quickly do that in the history tab and leave comments alerting those people you want a status update.

Basically a personal CRM, in a simple form.

Slick New Website

The website, Social Agent .me has never looked better. We have talented people at Unchained Apps (duh, that’s why we merged there – hehe!) and Maurice has been heading up the web design. I’ve loved to witness his growth in skills and being part of the team and he poured his heart out on this web page design.

Yet you’ll notice no more login button on the site. We decided it was too much to maintain both the website app (web app) and the mobile apps – so we are focusing on the mobile only. This is the future, more and more people are skipping using their laptops these days.

Focus is critical – so Social Agent’s website will be a page to advertise and get people to install the app.

Apple iOS App Only – For Now

You’ll see (as of writing this post) that there is only an Apple app available.

I know, I’m an android user so its killing me! We went back to native development (making a specific app for both Android and iOS) and now I know why developers prefer making iOS. So many android devices, it has been a rougher launch on Android than expected.

We didn’t want to hold back iOS and released that. It went through approval process (only 2 rejections, 3rd time is always a charm) and we’re in the store now.

Android is coming soon, heck, maybe before I even publish this blog post, so stay tuned!

No Longer China Related

You’ll notice there isn’t much China element in it. Yup, we kinda scrapped the whole helping businesses enter China part. Crazy right, that is how the app began.

But we took the value that we discovered in the doing the app and the startup. Using your networks to make connections and manage those introductions. And the love for mobile from the users.

Plus, China is just so different, to make an app for both markets that works fast and unfiltered, jeez!

Social Agent Has a Happy Home with Unchained Apps

The team and I are happy Social Agent joined the Unchained Apps Limited team. There is more resources and love for mobile apps, with decades of experience doing mobile apps.

I believe a mobile app is a specialized “monster” and having a group of people who focus on mobile only is critical in the long term success.

I’d love it if you check out the latest Social Agent app – on

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