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Welcome Back after Chinese New Years! Ready to Rock!

In china business, e-commerce, social media by Michael Michelini3 Comments

I remember being that frustrated American in USA….emailing factories and Chinese businesses during the months of Jan / Feb and getting nothing, no reply, not even a vacation autoresponder (well Chinese don’t really use email anyway…) ….and after over 4 years in China, I still “try” to get work done during Chinese new years….on the foreign (Western) side… doing conference …

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Google May Have Left China, but it Learned from Baidu

In china business, social media by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Overall I like Google…but I can’t help to think they are getting to be more and more “evil” as an overall brand feeling. Chinese Currently People Respect Google it took a strong stand with the Chinese internet filtering at the beginning of 2010, ending up exiting the Chinese market. They didn’t have the government relationships and no longer agreed with …

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Mixed Reviews on this New Blog Template

In social media, websites by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Finally got this new blog template online, been talking about new template since September, tried to get it online before my USA trip scramble…after getting back from America I have been doing intense meetings, events, proposals for ecommerce businesses. But here we go, Doug helped me finish the blog template and I like it! Some negative feedback: Red is too …

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I’m a Social Media Consultant! In China!

In business, social media by Michael Michelini8 Comments

uh oh! Its official, I’ve changed my email signature from “internet marketing consultant” to “social media consultant”. Changed my “job” by changing my email signature….pretty hilarious when you think about it….but we are who we make ourselves to be…or else others tell us who to be. Its our choice, I have said it not making a decision is making a …

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Upgrading This Blog – New Template, Hosting

In social media by Michael Michelini2 Comments

In an effort to keep up with the new social media and internet marketing tools, I had to make some necessary upgrades to this blog. Wow, I wouldn’t have thought so, but the traffic to this website has been steadily increasing, to around 300 to 400 unique visitors per day! I am changing the hosting over the weekend, to make …

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Foursquare Day Hong Kong #4sqhk – Social Media Continues Growth!

In hong kong business, social media by Michael Michelini2 Comments

I think foursquare is my favorite social media brand….It just seems to have a nice, warm fuzzy feeling about it that makes you get addicted to getting points, badges, chatting it up with your friends about locations you are going to or have been, and reading tips from complete strangers in new venues when you arrive. Today was “Foursquare Day” …

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Trying To Not Get Writer’s Block!!!

In family friends, social media by Michael Michelini12 Comments

I’m not updating this blog as much – SORRY. Seems people are actually reading it, as I’m getting reminders that I am not posting as much, and they enjoy reading it. Put this photo from my roadtrip from Xiamen to Hong Kong last weekend….its going through one of the many road tunnels you drive through in China…and represents the endless …