Mixed Reviews on this New Blog Template

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Finally got this new blog template online, been talking about new template since September, tried to get it online before my USA trip scramble…after getting back from America I have been doing intense meetings, events, proposals for ecommerce businesses.

But here we go, Doug helped me finish the blog template and I like it!

Some negative feedback:

  • Red is too agressive of a color
  • Seems more “template” / standard – loses the personal feel of the old template
  • Miss the photo at the top!
  • Looks like a news site

Some positive feedback:

  • Faster loading
  • More professional
  • More “China” feel

I do want more feedback, but this new template does reflect the changes I’m making with the blog…it has gotten to be more “business like” – but I don’t want to be too professional here, I will still talk in “first person” telling people my feelings as a human being and not some boring new site.

But I will be trying to podcast and interviewing Chinese business and internet people, talking about their perspective doing business in China. I really think that is what people like the most on this blog, the real-world, simple talk about china business, the struggles of a guy like me trying to do his own business in a foreign country, the adventure.

So more of the same, but please comment below on your feedback….even if its brutally honest and negative, I will hold my breath….

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