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I think foursquare is my favorite social media brand….It just seems to have a nice, warm fuzzy feeling about it that makes you get addicted to getting points, badges, chatting it up with your friends about locations you are going to or have been, and reading tips from complete strangers in new venues when you arrive.

Today was “Foursquare Day” April 16 (4 squared, 4 x 4) and Foursquare has been very excited having a dedicated page about it, and having people from all over the world gather to check in. There was a special badge for today, description below.
4sqDay 2011 – And we thought last year was huge! Happy 4/4^2 day! Thanks to all of you amazing people, for organizing over 1000 parties around the world for our little startup! We would give a speech, but we’re just trying to hold back our tears. Unlocked by Michael M. on Sat Apr 16, 2011 at 1:12 PM at BootHK in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Gary Lam gave me a foursquare shirt, he bought a few from the foursquare official store, so I wore that around town for the afternoon. Later heading to the Hong Kong Foursquare meetup:

Foursquare Day Hong Kong

Saturday, April 16 · 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Location W52
52 Wyndham Street, Central
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Created By Gene Soo, Tricia Ling, Sam Lau

More Info Join millions of SOCIAL MEDIA fans around the world on April 16th to celebrate 4sqDay! We are organizing a get together for everybody so you’ll have the chance to meet each other in person! Perhaps that dude that keeps on ousting your mayorship isn’t so bad after all… 🙂

You don’t have to be on foursquare to be able to attend this event. If you prefer to check in via Facebook, Gowalla or other apps, you are definitely welcome t…o. And please feel free to invite your friends so we can unlock more deals mentioned below.

The venue is going to be at W52 Bar opposite LKF Hotel in Central. W52 has kindly agreed to the following check-in offers:

1) a free welcome drink upon check-in

2) a free round of shot to all attendees when we hit the following total check-ins: 10,20,30,40,50. That’s 150 shots!! (we are counting foursquare check-ins for this unlock to make it easier to manage)

We are still negotiating with sponsors for more deals so do RSVP if you going to attend to show support! It definitely helps.

Foursquare Day is supported by the following organizations:
– W52 Restaurant and Bar (
– StartupsHK ( – A community of startups in Hong Kong

More info about 4sqdayhk:
Foursquare Day Hong Kong is an annual event and a gathering of Social Media and Foursquare fans to socialize, have fun and embrace the spirit of Foursquare. It is officially supported by Foursquare. There will be a special badge to be unlocked on the day. We’ll tell you how when you arrive. =)

My great friend, who I met on twitter, @Kitty_Leung got me a tshirt for a new project she is working on – Turtle Square, which is to connect faces to twitter names. If you look closely at the gallery photos (I’m testing the blog gallery photo view instead of sticking only a few pics, let me know if you like it), I am wearing a shirt that has my @michelini name on the top right, and on the bottom left it says “IRL”, which is In Real Life. They want to get people to connect their twitter or “online” name with their real life self….and starting with these shirts there may be a whole line of apparel and accessories.

TRENDS are where its at, and by having groups of people checking in at the same location, you can create trends that other see, and it creates a viral moment where people see others all gathering there and it (hopefully) sparks their curiousity to go there and check it out themselves.

We went for pizza afterwards too, creating trends everywhere we had went. This is the power of social media… we walked around Lan Kwai Fong, so many advertisements for twitter, facebook, foursquare to tweet or share your status with you friends to get into prizes and contests…..Social Media is exploding it is a way of life….

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