Upgrading This Blog – New Template, Hosting

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In an effort to keep up with the new social media and internet marketing tools, I had to make some necessary upgrades to this blog. Wow, I wouldn’t have thought so, but the traffic to this website has been steadily increasing, to around 300 to 400 unique visitors per day!

I am changing the hosting over the weekend, to make it faster loading. I will have to turn off comments for like 24 hours, to avoid losing comments in the meantime between changing hosts.

It feels great to see this new template….its an adventure journal theme on wordpress. Made a lot of customizations to it, but this is what life is about adventure and travel and recording it in an online journal.

Please leave some comments on this post (once its re-enabled) and let me know what feedback you have.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    I like the new look and feel of the site. Looks good. How did you choose the desert picture for your backdrop. Reading your blog id imagine it would be more city and busy. Maybe its part of your subtitle, “its not always where you are, but where you want to go, and getting there” and the picture is peaceful which is nice. ciao

    1. Author

      thanks for feedback….yea the desert pic my friend scott took when he and i were driving across usa……just means pursuit to me…..there is a small road there too if u look closely

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