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Typhoon Coming, Electricity Already Blown Out Once

In philippines business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

I’m going to experience a typhoon while down here in Philippines. Its on its way now, and the electricity here has already blown out once an hour ago, but popped back on recently. Again, I think this is a big reason there isn’t more foreign investment in this country – its INFRASTRUCTURE! When I was at Deutsche Bank, and management …

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White People Need More….Things….

In philippines business, travel by Michael Michelini6 Comments

I started drafting this on my mobile as i sat front seat in a jeepnee heading back from the beach……maybe its the way white people are raised….but i think its true….i need more things to be comfortable then my friends around me in the philippines, maybe because I grew up with more “Extra” things in life, I became too accustomed …

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Welcome to the Philippines – Felt Like a Local This Weekend….

In philippines business, travel by Michael Michelini13 Comments

man, I am trying to submerse myself into the culture to learn how people live….but this past weekend took it to extremes! Marie, Jennifer, Analou and myself went on a weekend trip to Batangas. After night shift on friday night, we left around 7am, packing up light backpacks with swimsuits and a change of clothes, it was exciting! Unfortunately, we …

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Self Motivation, Landed in Manila

In motivation, philippines business by Michael Michelini9 Comments

Arrived in Manila late last night (no typhoon while I was flying, so I’m here safe!) just 1 hour delay. Each time I’ve been coming here (3rd time this year) I’m always maxing out the allowed “free” amount of luggage on the plane (15 kilos). I really feel like a Filipino when I’m doing this, as the lines checking in …

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Research Opening a Company in the Philippines

In philippines business by Michael Michelini16 Comments

Today spent the afternoon going to various Philippines government offices in Makati and Quezon City – trying to determine which, if any, form of corporate entity should be formed here at this moment. Currently I am utilizing the Philippines as a night call center for USA ecommerce businesses, mainly newyorkbarstore. Been getting more confident, and comfortable – as Marie has …

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Weekend Visit with Charlotte, my goddaughter

In family friends, philippines business, travel by Michael Michelini14 Comments

Since arriving to the Philippines Friday morning, its been an intense, high energy few days…..first of all, I didn’t sleep the night before since I had an early morning flight I figured I would just work straight through and go directly to the airport…..definitely a rockstar style….and I caught some ZZZs in the airplane (but only a 2 hour flight!). …

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Upcoming Travels to Philippines

In philippines business, travel by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Only a few days back in Shenzhen, and already preparing to head out to the Philippines again, this time to take care of some more detailed items at the new home office call center for nightly calls, banking flow, setup some computer and workflow procedures. Will definitely be a much more business trip. And I will be traveling to a …