White People Need More….Things….

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Taste of various ...parts...of animals

I started drafting this on my mobile as i sat front seat in a jeepnee heading back from the beach……maybe its the way white people are raised….but i think its true….i need more things to be comfortable then my friends around me in the philippines, maybe because I grew up with more “Extra” things in life, I became too accustomed to them, and its hard to live without it.

Sleep – maybe its just me, but i am gonna generalize here, i get tired more and wake up after the locals….and even im a workaholic,still i notice i need more sleep, more hours, more solid sleep
Ability to sleep anywhere – i did notice this in china too, people being able to sleep anywhere – desks, bus, jeepnee, upside down in a cart!! Man, for me to sleep, i have to be lying down comfortably….maybe not a bed, but at least stretched out so i dont cramp up….
Napkins – in usa tissues, napkins, toilet paper are widely available, in philippines and china….man, i have to BE PREPARED (hey, im a boy scout). I have to make sure I carry napkins with me EVERYWHERE. Whenever I have the chance if I see extra napkins hanging around after a dinner, I snatch them up into my pockets….because you never know where you’ll be when nature calls. Maybe its because the businesses want to save money, but its rare to see napkins in bathrooms, either toilet paper or near the sink. It may also be because if they were to provide napkins, some retard would steal them all…..
Water – I need to drink more! Maybe because I seem to sweat more easily and am not used to the hot weather, i need to replace my body with that water. But really, I get dehydrated quickly here. I have to consciously remind myself to keep on hydrating myself. And I notice that I need it more then locals here. I think its maybe the generations and generations of people getting used to living with less water, and being able to live in the tropical heat.
Food – I eat more!! I get hungry more often….and I need to eat bigger meals. Portions are just smaller here….then in USA. I am trying not to eat so much, but my stomach just craves eating more….its just gotta take time to adjust. Filipinos just seem to be able to get through the day on a couple “snack” meals….I just can’t deal!

Dairy, milk –
milk is very hard to find…..its normally imported from Europe. I need my daily milk! My mom always had me drink a big glass of milk at dinner, every night! It is good for your bones, for growth, for health. I think dairy products are critical to a healthy diet….yet its so hard to get here, or so expensive. Plus its the sugary flavored…..sweet style milk. I miss my US dairy grade milk! I also think that is why western people are taller and “larger” – its from the dairy diets we grew up on!

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  1. Hi Sir Mike! Just wondering,did you watch the movie “Pursuit of Happiness”? hehehe 🙂

    1. Author

      haha, hey elleiell,

      thanks for the comment – You know, this blog name is the OPPOSITE of that movie! that is where the name came from.

      in the movie, the guy is looking to GO TO WALL STREET, NY for a JOB! and then he would be happy

      in my blog / life – I left / quit WALL STREET, NY to have a life of travel and small business adventure. And that life is never over! its ongoing


  2. Aye – been sloshing through a typhoon this week back in SZ – how’s the weather been treating you over there? I’m talking with my Father about going to the Philippines next month – he’s got a friend that comes here pretty regularly and I’ve been working on convincing pappy he should do some traveling as he’s more or less effectively retired. We’ll see how that goes!

    Careful with the milk! – the homogenization process creates molecules so small they scar your arteries – scarred arteries are what make high cholesterol a problem to begin with! Raw milks good – but impossible to find in any store – have to own a farm and cows or have a neighbor that does to get that kind of natural goodness!

    Try one of those unhatched chicken eggs and blog about that I want to hear about that experience!!!

    1. Author

      typhoon has passed us by here in the philippines past week or so….been mostly dry with some rain but not the level of typhoon!! haha, sucker!!!

      cool you and your dad may pay a visit to Philippines, i’ll be here till aug 10th then back to China for a bit. this is definitely a tottally different feel, style, and culture from Shenzhen – loosens me up a bit here

      Milk….dude i need to drink my freakin’ milk!!! how can i skip it for the month that i am here…..

      oh, that nasty egg with the halfling chicken inside – “BALOOOG!”….no thanks man, i saw someone eat it in front of me and it made me vomit in my mouth…..maybe a few tequila shots and a lost bet i’d try it….

  3. hahaha..that’s not chicken’s egg sir,that is duck’s egg with cute yummy baby duck inside..its very delicious..you will forget your name after you try some of it..i offer one free project if you try eat BALUT and blog it.. 🙂

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