Meeting Foreigners Who moved to philippines From China

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Why does it seem every flight to and from the Philippines is so early in the morning? Caught a few hours sleep before waking up at 5am to head to the airport. The funniest thing i have seen here that i haven’t yet run into in other travels is the male urinals along the side of the road……but hey….i guess its better then not having them and having guys go in the alleyways.

Tax to Leave The Philippines Airport

Last night i met atilla stevens, another foreigner from shenzhen, china who is looking for more resources in philippines. Its pretty funny, as i notice more and more foreigners now moving or shifting more from china to philippines. He has been living in shenzhen for 6 years, born in canada but grew up in arizona. Over dinner and drinks we shared our stories about doing business in china. He is more into electronics where im in the home and bar products.
Of course we talked about some of the typical “horror” stories. He had been working with a mould designer for years, and maybe miscommunication, greed, power struggle or whatever – problems have arisen.
But dont get me wrong, problems can arise in philippines too….but the language and the culture here is much easier for a foreigner to get by. And they are much more welcoming to foreigners and foreign investment!! The recent few days doing to banks and government offices, i was welcomed with open arms, treated with respect, and all my questions and concerns answered directly, clearly, and quickly.
I really hope the chinese government could think about it more… me, the banks, the government, is so complex, so confusing, so unclear….and they seem to discourage foreigners from entering their market. Or at least that is the feeling i have had there in 3 years….google couldnt stand it anymore either…

I guess its better then peeing in an alley....

I think its because the chinese government is afraid of giving up power,,,and if too many foreign companies are there, they will not be able to influence them as much as a domestic company. And its culture too….to have a foreign company be number one in the big + growing chinese market would be unheard of.
Yea….you see this maybe as a frustrated guy who is blaming others for his setbacks…but ask any foreigner who has been doing business in china and i can almost guarantee they have had similar issues.
For example in cebu i am meeting another american from xiamen, and he bought a container of mp3 players..only to have the factories start selling these on ebay at his cost…..
I actually have a few deals in china that are a bit scary….just relying too much on the other counterparty not to get greedy and cut you out….and more often then not, especially during econiomic turmoil, they will go that route.
But anyway, thought i would vent a bit and maybe somehow the chinese government would take initiatives to make it more clear and fair for foreign companies to do business in their country.
………….BUT………… fairness, I would have to say this seems similar to USA policy….I think it is also hard for foreigners to enter the USA market and do business…..but to be fair, China is more difficult then in USA.

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  1. If the situation was reversed and you were a mainland Chinese trying to start a business in the USA, you would never even get a visa! China’s not so bad. 🙂

    1. Author

      hey Larry,

      trueeeee…….i guess i am just venting….but at least it would be clear in usa laws and could be researched online beforehand!

  2. Did Atilla remember to give you the special greeting I instructed him to give you? I think it would have been appropriate after 2 beers :). I’m sure he told you about his recent acquisition of – paid a handsome some for it.

    I hear you – love/hate relationship with China – I try not to compare however – I would guess if we wound the clock back to the industrial revolution in the US their would be equal quantities (though not the same sort) of…. frustrations for business folk. maybe?

    1. Author

      yes….atilla sent me your regards…you mofo!!! haha, good stuf though

      Yes, China is a fight……and its not fair to compare, but it is fun for sure!

  3. Yeah, I did use that as an ice breaker like I told you I would David…

    Though I am shaking my head in worry here cause if you blogged about our first night out (which was pretty tame)…then I am only worried what you will blog about with LAST NIGHT EVENTS!

    1. Author

      yea……well…….the ice breaker worked and we had an awesome time partying it up!!! yea. last night….my head still hurts.

  4. Was from all that watered down beer…its why I stick with Jack Dan and Coke…kind of hard to fake/water down that without it tasting like real shit. Only way they can cut back to save on that is to put less and make it weak…However at their rates of 300 PESO ($6 a drink) there is plenty of profit.

    7 Eleven sold me an entire bottle of Jack Daniel for 840 PESO ($18) while the bar wanted some where around 2,600 PESO ($56) ???

    I got to find me a flask and just order cokes at the bar. Then spike the drink myself and save the 300 PESO ($6) per cup, haha. I know, I sound like a cheap bastard, but god damn, it, why is it every bar has happy hour which expires 30 minutes AFTER you arrive?

    I feel like going back to that WILD one…but it won’t feel the same without ya, Mikeee…

    1. Author

      HAHAHAHAH – dude, i’d rather drink watered down beer then some fake liquor mixed with watered down coke.

      and buying a bottle at a 7-11 cannot be compared to buying in a bar – in any country – in USA its not BYOB!!

  5. Seems like someone needs after morning pills here~

    for hangover ;p

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