Leaving Philippines You wonder people are so frustrated….

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the flight day is always hectic and stressful, but man…in philippines its a nightmare….and i feel for the people who have to deal with it each day…..
The island of puerto galera is pretty far from metro manila, so i had to wake up at 6am to catch a 3pm flight!! Didnt bring my suit bag to the island, left it at a friends house in manila city….so had to coordinate to get that. There is only 1 ATM on the island we stayed….so had to juggle cash around…..but made it work to get a boat ride….the engine on the motor boat was stalling….had to switch boats and therefore delayed an hour! Leaving at 730, we were then told the boat had to make another stop in another island before going to our port destination…
dealing in the philippinesArrived at the dock at 930am, 3 kids in the port water, begging for change, literally swimming onto the boat from another boat. Marie flipped them a coin in the water to watch 2 kids dive in to chase the coin to the bottom….amazing….then had to take an express bus to manila…..the funny thing is they have so many street vendors load up on the bus selling to the passengers….rows and rows of salesmen….hamburgers, water, some sort of cheesecake, eggs with fetus inside, coconut chocolate cake….
After arriving at the bus station in metro manila…tried to catch a taxi….one driver wasnt at his car, he was across the road eating or something and we waited a while…finally another taxi came, but he refused to use the meter….think seeing my white face he felt he could get away with charging more….so frustrated we ask a cop where the local bus to the airport is, he points down the road….walking there with the luggage…we double check and ask construction workers….who tell us we are walking in the completely wrong direction and need to turn around….pass by the cop on the way back….he doesnt seem to care…cross the highway, try to catch a jeepnee….but none are going are way….taxis arent stopping, i tip 5 pesos (about 15 us cents) to a local guy and he quickly gets a cab. This taxi driver also wont use the meter…..
I am told there are 3 terminals…i dont know what airline im on, text jojo internationally, find out its thailand airlines….terminal 1….
Security checks the car at the driveway to the airport…..im sunburnt so the straps of the luggage burn as i carry the bags. Pay the fixed rate to the cabby, but we still need to get my suit bag. Contemplating leaving it in the philippines…and leave it for my next trip or ship it to my china office….aiya…but i think i may need it in thailand, i only have 1 pair of shorts and some tshirts in my current bags…and a wet bathing suit….
Call a friend and convince them to drive the bag to the airport…..
dealing-in-the-philippines-11Making sure i keep enough pesos for the AIRPORT tax, they chage 700 pesos to leave! Last time i was in philippines i had to use us dollars…as i didnt know about this tax….
But my reason for typing all of this out is to explain the trap the local people are trapped in….and how to get out….imagine living this every day….getting hustled, bargaining, arguing, extra fee, cheated on taxis, late boat departures, fragmented transportation systems, unreliable electricity and internet connection….how to escape, to to grow as a person, and hiw to develop….
Just make sure you take time to appreciate how fortunate you are….

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  1. haha! you forgot the dead rat in the sea! 😀 haha, anyway, I hope you still enjoyed your stay in the Philippines! :))

  2. Hi,Mike,how do you like Philippines and its capital? Do you think it safe enough to work there for more a year? Some of my friends tell me that the social safety in Manila is not very good. I am very likely to work there.Can you give some suggestions?

    1. Author

      hi Chris,

      thanks for the message….I think it is becoming better and safer then I remember 1 year ago. I will be going there more often, maybe every couple of months. Should be visiting again in the beginning of June – but I would recommend taking a short trip before deciding to live there 1 year!

      what makes you want to go there?

  3. Hi,Mike,thanks!
    One company is very likely to offer me a job.And the new employees in that company have to receive a work training which lasts for one year in Manila.The interviewer asked me to think about it.

    1. Author

      well then, if a company will send you, its a cool experience!

      In my opinion, Chinese people worry too much about safety in other countries! I think its a great adventure and the probability of something seriously dangerous is not worth living your life afraid it may happen

      I SAY DO IT

  4. Yes Mike, I agree with you that seeing the condition of life there is a motivation to do great things in USA. Something we take for granted the things that we have here. There lots of poor folks out there. I am fortunate I am in America but I always feel sorry for the poor people in the Philippines, especially the little children. Also, I read a lot of articles about helping the country in some ways.

    1. Author

      Hi Bill,
      thanks for reading – yes…..people in USA have to more appreciate the opportunities they have, rather then EXPECT them. I try not to get too political, but I remember always hearing people complaining that the government wasn’t helping them enough, giving more handouts, etc.

      In any regards, I am more appreciative for the fortunes I was born into – and always wonder the chances people have by the location they are born into. All I can think is I have to work hard, be positive, and hope as time passes opportunities are given to all of those who work hard and are dedicated – worldwide.

  5. I’m LEAVING .. bye .. I spent 5 yrs here .. It’s getting WORSE & WORSE by the day … There are many other countries around that r MUCH BETTER then this place .. people r nicer , culture & food is reacher, they do not piss on the walls or cars, they do not cheat you .. there are countries around that there are NO DRUGS & CRIME there … unlike here … education here is 50 yrs behind …they do not burn plastic & poison avery one around with dioxine, … rabies… look at the streets .. 60T dogs but less then 3T r registered (Cebu only) SHOCKING ASIA … Get out B4 is 2 LATE & never sponsor any of them 2 go yr country .. they have NO RESPECT 2 U ..What they want … YOUR MONEY… and if you have no MONEY they will deport YOU !!! Their place is here PHILIPPINES … that’s where they belong 2 , that’s the place where they discriminate foreigners !!! SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME … and DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE MONEY EARNED IN YOUR COUNTRY SENT or TAKE to the Phls … Thank YOU !!!

    1. Author

      hi Mo

      wow, very passionate about your stance……I am just leaving china to the philippines – another adventure for me.

      I think its about being AWARE of what you are getting yourself into……..best of luck to everything you do

      where will you go now?

    2. Can I ask where you lived when you were here. I am considering living in Palawan although at the moment I am in Cavite with my wife.you really sounded like you had had enough. wher do you rate then?/

      1. Author

        Hi Martyn,

        I was a bit frustrated at times….but still think Philippines is a beautiful place with overall nice and friendly people.

        I was mostly in Manila, sometimes to Cebu, puerto galera

        Manila was not so nice…so much traffic and pollution. And seems the government is not so efficient….wish they would build up the transportation system better….

        PALAWAN! I hear that is a dream vacation place

  6. I honesty think that this country is pure bliss for foreigners IF you find the right people to guide you. I have a dozen friends from abroad who have enjoyed their stay here much more than any other Asian country and I understand why. Again, its knowing people who could guide you on the kind of lifestyle you’d want to have and situation you’d like to be in.

    Mike, if you have friends who are deciding to move to Manila, I don’t mind helping out and meeting up with them even if you’re away. Seriously.

    1. Author

      sure, I wish we had met up a LOT earlier! hah, but i’ll definitely send people your way even when I’m outta town.

      Tonight a friend Atilla is landing here, and later this week my Dutch friend in Clark / Angeles. maybe we can all have a drink together!

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  8. man, filipino here…

    you are right, we are trap here…
    curse, yes… overtaxed, yes… looking to get-out hope so…

    you guys are lucky…

    1. Author

      hi Adrian,

      yea man……i experienced it……but for the most part Filipinos stay positive and enjoy life the best they can. and that is something westerners need to learn.

  9. there are few things that ain’t right though…

    the people are cool, and nice,

    the education is 50years behind, but naturally 5years advance. a filipino can compete to any of the smartest, just challenge them;

    yes, the leaders are corrupt ( that is our curse we have to live with )

  10. there is one thing to note though… the blogger is right, the filipinos are trap ( we are trap )

    the leaders are not pure filipinos, and looking at our history our first leader is influenced by a foreign state, and still carry that influence now;

    the filipinos may not be that skilled leaders… i guess we are just courageous warriors… ( stupid monkeys, yes, but challenge these skilled monkeys )

    1. Author

      hi Adrian,

      Yea, thats what I mean – Trapped. I meet many Overseas Filpino workers during my travels…..and yes they all just say how much they just want to GET OUT OF corrupt Philippines. Its really a sad story…..

      I do agree that your people can catch up quickly in education, you learn English in school. I just think the ATTITUDE and the HOPE of the people needs to be higher….AIM HIGHER. Don’t give up! Seems many there have given up, in a way. no disrespect, but I think you would agree, no?

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