Guns Legal in Philippines – But Illegal in China

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Bet that title caught your attention! Today I took a trip to the City Hall in Quezon City – it felt like a scavenger hunt going from different department, getting “revenue code” booklets (one office didn’t have them, another did – go to the 10th floor, and then go to the 3rd floor, etc) A funny thing I noticed was CHECK YOUR GUNS IN HERE. Here I am, in the middle of city hall, and there are people checking in their handguns before getting into the elevator lobby.
Such a different feel from being in China – where its the complete opposite, and in USA, where guns are legal, but most people don’t carry them, and I don’t ever remember seeing a booth to check in your guns before in America!
In China, I think its a bit extreme, to completely outlaw guns – and only allow police to carry them. The Chinese people seem to agree with their government’s law to not allow guns in China – the people trust their government and seem to think if China allowed its people to carry guns then it would be complete anarchy! The people in China seem to have been convinced by the media that the people cannot be trusted, and if there isn’t strict law and order and enforcement of laws, then the country would be in complete chaos.

Yet….I still have to support the right of an individual his / her right to bear arms. Maybe its the AMERICAN in me, but I don’t think a government should not allow its people to carry a weapon to protect him or herself and their family. Also, I do believe that people should make their government FEAR that its people can come and kick out the government OUT if they cannot serve its people correctly. Really, maybe that sounds crazy in today’s day and age, but THE PEOPLE are to be served by their government, not GOVERNMENT is served by its people. It almost goes to the Braveheart Movie idea…..or Boston Tea Party – the people deserve to be treated and represented in the format of the majority of the people’s “style” or culture.

But man….seeing this “check your guns in here” station freaked me out…..Marie said her family has a gun at home. Maybe I’ll pay a visit and take some photos. Definitely the “wild wild west” feeling. But also scary….to think some guy on a bus or a jeep that I look at wrong, or has some kind of cultural hatred towards me, can pull a gun on me.

Just part of the life here. I haven’t actually seen a gun on the street though.

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  1. If the places safe in harmony, no weapons would b needed~

    1. Author

      blah blah Lammy!
      so long as someone gets more then another, there will be jealousy, hatred, and greed.
      Its human nature to want more, to want to be number one, and therefore there are some people trying to hold down others in order to profit or gain for themselves.

      and I separate people from governments……..thats why I think PEOPLE should have guns, to let their government know “hey, you push us around and don’t respect our people, we will overpower you and put a new government in place”

  2. blah blah blah~

    i’m pretty simple, i’m a peace maker not a fighter ;P

    who always avoid being at war 😉

  3. though i know you guys do have weapons at home, to be frank, i never thought of it as something reasonable and thought it was just a tradition. and now i think i just underestimated it–you guys really support it! i guess that’s the power of culture, once you are told something and you take it for granted.

    and i am coming to say sorry for laughing at your unpleasant experiences like giving out fake money. i meant no harm. and i still think it is funny. but something unpleasant that happened to me recently taught me a lesson–sometimes all we can see is just the tiny problem right in front of us. i mean, sometimes you just CANNOT view it as a joke though others think it is not a big deal. you cannot understand another person untill you experience exactly what he has experienced.

    1. Author

      hi Nigel,

      yes….when you laugh at other people’s problems….sometimes it takes having problems of your own to not laugh again in the future!!! its all about living and learning in life

      but yes..i think in USA….people feel GUNS are what made the country free….and kicked out the UK……to build our own system. And if a government tries to say its not right for its people to ahve a gun, but the police can have a gun…then….well….not good!!

  4. hey mike, have you been to cebu this time ? bring me so many memory. hehe……..

  5. I’ve always wanted to fire a grenade launcher – too many First Person shooter games 🙂

    1. Author

      i heard there is a place in cambodia or malaysia that you can shoot a cow with a grenade launcher for 100usd….
      pretty sick though…

  6. Yes, i been there before, will go there again soon. i think

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  8. I’m from the Philippines and it is quite common to see signs and booths that require people to deposit their guns, particularly in most government buildings, malls, hospitals, universities, and other public places. The reason is not that most people carry guns, but rather, the necessity for people who do to not bring them inside such establishments.

    Unlike in the U.S. where there is a constitutional guarantee for the right to bear arms, and in China where private ownership of guns are prohibited, in the Philippines, although private individuals may own guns (legally), it is heavily regulated. Psychiatric and drug tests are required before one may be granted a license to own a firearm and another permit having stricter requirements like a justification for the permit to carry (at least, if one goes by the book).

    Don’t worry most people don’t carry guns because even if they have one, they would most likely leave it at home. ^__^

    Some do carry pocket knives, butterfly knifes, ice picks, and other concealable and potentially deadly weapons, but don’t worry as you’ll know if a person carries one just from the way they look/dress.

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting Jarvis! where in the philippines are you from? I have been to manila, and cebu , and clark / angeles pampangas. i dont see that many guns really, just signs all over, and metal detectors in malls and bigger stores…..

      the police i see have big rifles, but they dont ahve bullets i’m told,

  9. Thanks for the story. I am surprised to see that sign in Quezon City Hall as well. With so many people being robbed there, I am surprised that not more people carry guns in their homes. Are there gun shops there in the Phils to buy guns?

    1. Author

      Hi Hutch,

      sure guns stores are all over the Philippines, I have some brochures from some and am considering it now….

  10. actually it doesnt mean that all people can carry them.. that sign is only for the security personel or police on city hall.. its a standard protocol for them not for civilians.. >.<

    1. Author

      Thanks erich –

      ohh, so this sign is for POLICE officers entering the building, I gotcha. the filipinos with me never explained it that way, cheers for making it more clear

      1. you just said “I can buy a guy in the philippines for 14,000 pesos, 2,000 peso deposit. So you say its not possible?”
        so the filipinos could be explained in tha tway

  11. its for the Police officers and other uniformed personnel that visit the Mayor/councilors, no civilian are allowed exept for some people that needed protection due to the nature of their work, unlike kids in your country have guns in schools(HS/College) and shoot other students

    1. Author

      hi Dencio,

      I can buy a guy in the philippines for 14,000 pesos, 2,000 peso deposit. So you say its not possible?

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