More Shenzhen Coworking Developments, Finding my Personal Strengths

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Added Guangzhou to my weekly travel the past couple weeks, due to the Canton fair. Back in Shenzhen today, at least all these trade fairs are over now. It is just added that much more stress and complexity to my daily work life.

After spending Sunday (Easter Sunday!) walking the fair with my good friend Brent, he helped bounce ideas off of me about our calling in life, the life of a “next generation” mobile traveler. We joked and thought maybe I can create a new product line of products for these new mobile travelers…..maybe its a joke just because we are so busy.

He, like many of my friends say I think too much, and should find a way to make money just pumping out ideas, work at or start a think tank.

Today after returning to Shenzhen, I visited Gareth and made more brainstorming for this coworking office in nanshan high tech park. Since the last meeting, have already gotten a lot of interested people contacting us, and we consider now “soft launch” phase feeling out what people want.

But maybe this shenzhen coworking is a good direction for my life and career. It represents this “think tank” calling my friends see myself fitting into. I love to surround myself with entrepreneurs (DREAMERS). It is really what makes me happy. The idea of taking an idea and making it a reality.

  • Changing lives.
  • Creating jobs.
  • Creating opportunity.
  • Motivating people.

These are the things I like to get up in the morning for. So I have to follow my calling. I love the web, social media. My painful struggle and rollercoaster ride with bar products industry and new york bar store investors let me learn.

My buddy Andrew Reich from InTouch told me I should be a pure internet consultant….to focus on that. It does seem fitting for me. It is what people see in me, and its what I should do – right? What I am comfortable doing, and what others see in me. Leon, my tech guru friend also sees this in me, as well as Gary and Brent and more and more.

And I think I’m most valuable being in China / Asia. It is a challenge here, my network has been built here….and its the growth market.

Maybe I need a trip down to the Philippines, visit my web buddies, also catch a vacation on the beach. I NEED A VACATION! Been saying that for months and months……seems everyone agrees, and will let me do it, I just keep finding an excuse.

But I’m proud of developments in 2011….I am learning to organize more, prioritize more, and FOCUSING. I can see it, and others can see it, and traction is growing.

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  1. I think the best way is follow your heart,it can tell you what and how to do.:-)

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