Jobs Sent to India & China will never return

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Just read an article from an Israeli company statement that jobs outsourced to India and China and other emerging markets will never return to Israel. And for the country to continue to thrive, it must focus on innovation and original ideas.

Baharav said, “The transfer of work to emerging markets is a trend which changes the global status quo, in my opinion. That is why I say that no job which is transferred to China or India will return. No product whose production is moved to China or India will ever return.” Baharav added “That is why companies like Amdocs need to focus on innovation.”

While this continues to reinforce my idea for relocating to China to do business…it really makes me wonder whats going to happen in the global scale.

Today, I have been talking to many Chinese internet guys, and they are just blasting the search engines..using their labor powerful force to build up in Google and other web search engines. Building english websites, selling online, generating income.

Again, the world continues to flatten….and we all have to be quick on our feet and smart to stay ahead.

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