Maybe I just need a vacation – am I a good businessman?

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I always try to take criticism positively….even if someone tells me in a negative condescending matter. I think it helps a person grow and you have to keep your ears open even when you may not want to hear it.

I have to add an image from the movie “Fallen Down” – I’m not that bad….YET! haha, but some days I’m getting to a breaking point for sure!
falling down dvd

As I always have done to destress, let me write down what exactly is bothering me, who cares if its a blog:

  • Miss my friends and Family back home – yea, just got through Christmas and New Years….its hard being away from home, especially during the holidays….and when my friends here in China get to go, while I’m stuck here, alone, it makes it even freaking worse….now they are all coming back, talking about their trip in USA, man….just sucks even more for me to hear it. anyway.
  • Overworked – even though I am working on re-focusing in 2010, its still just piling up. Trying to keep customers happy, grow the business, and add more to the skillset of the team. But teaching, talking, showing – it all takes time.
  • Moving Office – thats been a nightmare, address change with the government, contractors painting, fixing. Thinking about furniture, how to move out of here. Tired of freaking moving!!! Want some stability.
  • Need a vacation – as per the 2 above….maybe I should have gone away for the holiday. Now we have Chinese New Years approaching, but I do ENGLISH / USA work. I am gonna need to stick around. Maybe the Thailand trip in March. Maybe a couple weeks, at least. Set a goal.
  • Culture / communication problems – As per my 2010 resolution, I’m trying to delegate more…but that means I have to teach more. And I don’t have patience…there are so many different tasks….and its not so simple. Plus the language differences of Chinese and English…my Chinese studies aren’t so good..I don’t focus enough on learning, and blame myself…..
  • Friends in China leaving – Of course this is common part of an ex-patriate , people come and go. But seems a bunch at the same time. need to shift gears, find new friends. But i’m so damn busy working day and night and weekend, no time to notice. just watch DVD when i have some time to relax.
  • New york Bar Store transition – my boy, Andrew, is transitioning out…its tough. Customer service, order problems, supply chain……technology is changing. Teaching new people. The UK operation is completely screwed up. Shipments lost, customer chargebacks, invoices piling up. At least my accountant there is cool and ladi back he knows it will come one day…..just need to re-group.
  • People chasing me for money – I guess its part of being a businessman, but as I get older more and more people seem to pile up against me. I just keep pushing forward. I think though, for the number of people upset at me, the ones on my side is growing even higher daily. But of course, the bad sticks out more then the positive. I do have many good allies and contact I’ve been building up as I go along.
  • China government / Google showdown – This was the last freaking straw!!!! All the above was already happening – THEN GOOGLE HAS TO PULL THIS CRAP!!!!!! Why now, why after all these investments of moving offices, staff, projects – I have to have in the back of my mind another blocked domain, another workaround. Man, My friend Jia Gan tells me just to relax and see how the cards deal out. But I do internet and ecommerce with USA. how can I sit back and WAIT. He said I can crash at his place in hong Kong if it gets that heated…but he is confident no problems. and that i need to relax and see what happens.

    So yea, I just vented….Staff has been telling me I complain too much – well above is a few reasons why…..

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