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American Companies Don’t Feel Welcome in China anymore?

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini3 Comments

Also while watching CNN in hong kong today….they discussed a poll about more and more american companies frustrated doing business in china….the numbers were almost 30percent as of feb 2010 I can admit….i have always had trouble but in a way i believe / feel it is also because the cultural differences….not a positive or a negative feeling, just that …

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Is Google Leaving China April 10?

In china business, china seo by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Man……Seems the news is all over the place, and may be turning off as early as mid april. What will this mean for all those workers? The google workforce is probably one of the top of the line workers, so I am sure Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and all the other Chinese internet companies will be scrambling to grab as …

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My Friend Rosemary’s Book Debute

In china business by Michael Michelini3 Comments

My friend Rosemary Coates released a book 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and I want to support her in this exciting moment for her. I can only hope one day I am as fortunate as her to publish my own book. Her and I have met on her travels in Shenzhen and she has great experiences in …

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Upcoming Travels in China + Southeast Asia

In china business, travel by Michael Michelini7 Comments

writing this on my mobile phone, it amazes me how open the world has become with the internet. My assistant jojo has prepared my travels for the next month, until the end of april, and this is what i have lined up: Now until march 25 – stay in shenzhen / hong kong taking care of business operations, financial cashflow …

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Can Google Save Face In China?

In china business, china seo by Michael Michelini7 Comments

I have personally been wondering what is going on with the Google vs. China government. My friends are asking me the latest, but its really quiet….there was tons of news on it, back and forth with the Chinese government, news press releases, and other crazy news….then it got quiet. Google Buzz came out, and seems to have just let people …

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As China Office is empty- USA is busier then ever

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini7 Comments

This longggggg China New Year holiday drives me insane – as I’m sure a lot of other business owners (chinese and foreign) – it still amazes me how a country of such size and current global influence can completely shut down – so many of my favorite restaurants are still closed. Things should start opening up again friday and the …

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will google buzz fizzle in china?

In china business, china seo by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Google has just released google buzz, a twitter like platform that is integrated into your gmail account – so your “buzz” from friends and followers comes through as a folder in your email box. This is all cool stuff, but from the matter of the current state of “google leaving china”….this is another step towards leaving. Its reported the government …

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Firing People in China – Watch your Back

In business, china business by Michael Michelini5 Comments

Have to share this greatttttttttt email I received today, makes me sleep well at night. Unreal people out there like this. But I want to share, some of the after effects of firing someone. The guy lost me customers, was lazy, and did his own work during company hours. Anyway, received the below email (exact copy / paste) from a …

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Stupid Foreigner Paying Chinese New Year Bonus

In china business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Update Feb 2016: Get lots of requests on Chinese New Year bonus, 6 years later I wrote a much more detailed and professional post on my business blog: How Much Bonus Should I Pay on Chinese New Year?, check it out! Again, I am reminded how little I know about the Chinese culture. I try to be observant, ask around …

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Apartment Moving in China – Fun Never Stops

In china business by Michael Michelini8 Comments

I recently ended a contract with a residential apartment, the owner is 27 years old, and he works in a department store. The people tell me he is a “duck boy” married or dating a rich chinese woman. her name is on the ownership documents, but he has a subcontract for it. I have a contract with him. Now i …

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So many changes, holding on as best I can

In china business, motivation by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Hey, this is my personal blog, and it seems people here like reading about the real life story of my experiences….so here goes…hope it doesnt seem too much like complaining… Obviously being a small business owner, boot strapped and always under cash flow pressure – I am faced with daily pressure to deliver. Guess overall I like the pressure, even …