So Busy In Shanghai…..this city is great

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I know its better past due for a blog post…I was doing great making regular posts….but I’m on business travel now…..and I seem to be on a roll…..

jamming in at least 3 business meetings a day, and shanghai is not a small city!! So seems some days I bounce from one side to the other in a crazy , maniac taxi ride….

but I think about my time here almost 3 years ago… I had no idea where I was, who to talk to, where to go.

Now i’m here, with contacts, with experience, and with a shanghai-crazy-smfocus – INTERNATIONAL ECOMMERCE. I have a value to add, I have experience, and I am filling a need and a demand.

Wish I could post more but had a bottle of wine….and running through about 150 unread emails all flagged urgent…

I guess I like this insane life… on the move.

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    1. Author

      thanks for the comment Jane, seems you got it to work this time 😉

      Sure, you will go one day, just keep it on your list, focus, work hard and it will come

  1. finally i can make a comment ,hahah,have a good day Michael.

  2. I like reading the posts in your blog.hehe, I am working hard on my English!
    I admire your life in China.

    1. Author

      Thanks Christal!
      yes, keep practicing your english and thanks for reading! I am lucky here in China, I try to appreciate the life each day…..but also have to work hard for this life, to make profit and money to afford it

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