Feel Like I’m Changing & Developing So Quickly

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Trying my best to stay focused, and develop sales channels. I get too excited, see too many great opportunities. I think that is a flaw many entrepreneurs have…..and while I think am getting better at focusing, I still need to constantly remind myself to.
Still re-adjusting from the intense 1 month travel I was on…..sadly my desktop here in the office isn’t turning on…..I’m told because its been off for 1 month straight it may have “oxidized”. I used to get upset…but I just roll with the punches now. Its not going to get me down, I still have this laptop I’m working off. Life goes on, breath, relax, and deal. I used to explode….with rage,….and yes, I still do get rather upset at these types of things….maybe being in China has taught me patience. When I first arrived here a couple years ago, I wanted everything NOW, QUICKLY, and DONE FIRST THE RIGHT TIME. Some other foreigners who saw me like this said “dude, you are like this now, watch, China will break you down and you’ll get used to these problems”. I DIDN’T BELIEVE THEM. But its true. I have accepted there will always be problems, and you just have to deal with them.

Here is a good quote I used to SUCK AT PRACTICING – but am learning to live it more:

“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” – William James (writer/philosopher)

And it is true, while we can control our life destiny – so many times in our life we are faced with HOW TO DEAL with certain situations….and that in itself shows us how we will live our lives……

I still get so frustrated dealing with internet problems, finding ways around Chinese firewalls blocking the websites I need to view (facebook, twitter, etc), VOIP (voice over IP phone) call quality not so good [skype!], and countless other daily hassles. And most of these are due to me living overseas, pretty much on my own, in a foreign country. It is scary to me, that I am here alone pretty much, having to fight for an income, having to hope staff members do their jobs and not cheat me, training people, hoping customer pay, hoping suppliers send what they are supposed to send, on time and to the right address. Hope that bank accounts don’t block me because I am accessing my account for a different country then they think I am in (each bank has their own way to protect me…)

But I just accept it now, I have realized this is the life I have created for myself, and that its INTERNATIONAL business. Its not for everyone, and there will be plenty of speedbumps along the way. Most people couldn’t deal with this stress, and if I can learn to deal with it, manage it, and then profit from it. …..well then…

And that is how I believe I am developing these days, and so quickly…I am just getting used to have hundreds of urgent, unread emails in my inbox. Of having problems coming to my desk, to my mobile phone, to my social media accounts – that is the life I live, and ……as sick as it sounds – I like the insanity.

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