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Its become my passion, connecting the USA and Chinese ecommerce. Being in China over a couple years now….and fighting both sides – US ebay accounts requiring a USA IP address, Chinese government banning certain foreign websites, VPNs, international shipping without tracking, chargebacks, duties, trademarks…..

I am so attracted to it because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF IT. That means its my opportunity, my differentiating factor. That is how many companies in the past have grown, they have jumped in the middle of industries and sectors that large corporations are afraid to touch!

Reading the news these days – you will continue to see the USA search market decline, and I am always hearing about Chinese factories and trading companies selling DIRECTLY (B2C)…

What does this mean? It means to further convergence of these 2 internet worlds. And it seems almost that the 2 governments don’t support it fully….with the Chinese government blocking certain foreign websites (facebook, twitter, etc), and then with USA companies (not government, that we can confirm) making it difficult for chinese companies to enter the USA market directly (ID card, banking, trust its not fraudulent) – I hope I can be a connector of these 2 worlds.

Going to be quite the challenge, but I enjoy that. Here is a recent article about the declining total search volume in USA. This means basically that there are less people searching online in the USA. So a company trying to get customers, is going to have a smaller pool of customers……with what I would assume increasingly fierce competitors both in domestic USA market, as well as overseas markets trying to sell directly to end consumers…

Overall U.S. Search Growth Down Again

The latest numbers from comScore show that overall search volume growth in the U.S. fell to 7.6 percent in March, a 2.8-percent difference from the previous month and a considerably steeper drop from March, 2009:

• March, 2009: 33.1%
• June, 2009: 21.8%
• September, 2009: 17.3%
• December, 2009: 16.5%
• January, 2010: 12.4%
• February, 2010: 10.4%
• March, 2010: 7.6%

Source: Website Magazine

Also, during my presentation in Xiamen Internet Trade Show, in a full conference of Chinese companies attending to learn more about how to sell directly online, and to Western (USA , European) companies… many people are there, studying, taking notes, asking questions, and learning more advanced skills and services…..

News Coverage on Chinese Sina a piece is posted here:


2010-04-09 14:56:51 来源: 网易科技报道 跟贴 0 手机看新闻

Shadstone 公司CEO迈理倪

网易科技讯 4月9日消息,2010厦门全球搜索引擎营销大会今日在厦门举行。网易科技作为独家门户网络支持媒体对大会进行图文直播。

Shadstone公司CEO迈理倪(Michael Michelini)出席本次大会,进行了题为“如何把SEO/SEM技术应用于国际贸易与采购”的主题演讲。

Here you can download my ENGLISH presentation How B2B Chinese Companies Can Differentiate Themselves on the Internet.

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  1. Some of my friends reap profits from ecommerce.
    Now openning online stores is very popular among the young people.
    From your blog ,I found that SEO playing a very important role in finding the potential customers.And from your blog I learned something about SEO,especially on how it applies to ecommerce.
    Am I right?hehe ,I learn to use english to express something i want to said.

    1. Author

      Hi Christal,
      yes, SEO is a way to do marketing, and ecommerce is a way to capture that marketing skill.

      Also, ecommerce you directly and immediately collect money from the customer, so you can quickly measure and see result from SEO

      they are usually very closely related, and should understand both for maximum effect

      keep learning, studying, and don’t give up

  2. Mike, thanks.I will keep learning.

    1. Author

      yes, we all get frustrated ,and discouraged…and think about giving up.

      dont take the easy way, don’t be like the average person

      to succeed, we have to keep getting up when we fall

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