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My friend Rosemary Coates released a book 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and I want to support her in this exciting moment for her. I can only hope one day I am as fortunate as her to publish my own book. Her and I have met on her travels in Shenzhen and she has great experiences in manufacturing and overseas business. I’m a day late on the 1st day release special (sorry) but still wanted to support her and get the word out.

42 rules book

Hello Everyone…

My book has been selling very well on Amazon and made it to #3 in business books a couple of times. All of this has happened without any marketing efforts!

My Publisher has now started the marketing campaign and has scheduled a Webinar for me tomorrow, Tues, 2/16 and then an Amazon launch day for Wed, 3/17. My Publisher has also scheduled a Silicon Valley Meet-Up book presentation and signing on March 24. That makes 10 presentations I have made since the book was published!

If you are interested in the Webinar, this is the link to sign up

Where I really need help, is with the book launch on Wed. We are also offering 2 white papers this week as part of the launch. If you go here it will take you to the sign-up for the white papers and to a link for Amazon.

As always, thanks so much for your help!


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Mike.

    The white paper offer is still good, and my book is still available on

    It did make it to #1 in business books yesterday! It’s now officially a Best Seller!


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