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In the Chinese language, China translated into Middle Kingdom – or middle land – and while Westerners feel Chinese are developing into the modern world, I believe Chinese feel they are the original race, and all people came from China at one point – so in essence it is the Chinese that are now allowing themselves to engage with the “outer world”.

eye of mordorI know it may seem “nerdy” (not sure how to write this for Chinese – nerd means like….geek or dork) but I love the movie “Lord of the Rings” – and I sometimes relate to my experience in china as being in the middle Earth (land of the movie) and seeing as I am trying to communicate with the outside world….and I am being watched by the eye of mordor in China.

But currently I am in Shanghai, and for some reason, the tools I use to get into twitter and facebook in Shenzhen are not working in Shanghai…..maybe because I am closer to Beijing, there are stronger forces and tools to block the systems I use.

And I am doing some online banking with my USA bank – the internet to the outside world is much slower these days, I think its because Shanghai’s underground internet goes through Korea and therefore its much slower – plus there are just such a high volume of people trying to access the outside internet, it clogs the systems. in Shenzhen, the internet seems much faster, and closer to Hong Kong, using that internet infrastructure system.

Yesterday I was in my friend’s ebay powerseller office, and he told me between 5 -6 pm, the internet is very slow in Shanghai, he is not sure why, but everyone in the office can notice a much slower connection….

just more COMPLAINING (I know, I know, I have to stop complaining) but Just expressing how amazed I am at myself for being able to still navigate a USA and international business while inside the GFW (great firewall of China). They really make you jump through hoops.

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  1. dun really hav a chinese word for nerd / geek / dork…we’v sth similar but meaning’s still not the same. (書呆子)

    n yes, sz’s near hk so mayb that’s y u can access to more websites. in sz, ppl can watch hk tv as well, incl those sensitive political news. i was pretty amazed.

  2. The Eye of Gondor….. if I wasn’t handicapped by my own love for LoTR – enough to reference it with that acronym – I’d rip on you a bit for being geeky enough to relate your experience in life to that of the fantasy world depicted in the aforementioned book/movie series. Kudos for being candid :). Keep writing!! Makes for a great excuse to digress from work.

  3. Author

    yea Lammy,
    i’m just a white dorky dude, thats why you love me, right hahah

    Dave – can’t knock that movie! I’ll have to edit the name to Mordor in the post now, thanks dude

  4. yes!!! i luv u!!!!!!!!…………………… x

    i’m a social geek too ;P

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