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writing this on my mobile phone, it amazes me how open the world has become with the internet. My assistant jojo has prepared my travels for the next month, until the end of april, and this is what i have lined up:southeast asia trip
Now until march 25 – stay in shenzhen / hong kong taking care of business operations, financial cashflow streamlining, and organizational details…fun work things
Ningbo – going to head up to ningbo march 25 to 27, see some factories and discuss warehousing and consolidation, as well as some new secret product developments.
Shanghai, think i can just take the train, or a friend will drive with me, stay in the big city of shanghai from the 28th to 8th….will be there during my birthday (the 2nd), we will see what happens. I have been talking to so many companies there lately from sales to marketing to alliance to operations – i have to spend some time figuring things out….
Xiamen, fujian province – will spend april 8 to 12 in xiamen, which i agree with others is the san diego of china – bays on one side, ocean on the other…laid back, and open minded. I will be there mainly for the smx (search marketing expo) trade show, where i will speak about developing your import/export business online.
Phillippines – april 13 to 19, from xiamen over shenzhen and directly to manila city of phillippines. I have marie helping me there with customer support and operations for newyorkbarstore, so i want to go over a lot of things with her….decide how to cooperate more and streamline operations.
April 19 to 23 – Thailand, have a fellow internet business friend, dustin ellard, there and we have been talking about meeting for so long, finally we can meet face to face. Also hope to see rental prices – as well as visit some factories i am doing business with these days….will be my first time to thailand.
April 23 – Guangzhou city for the Canton Fair – going to check out new products, talk to factories I deal with, and overall networking and development.
Then back to shenzhen after the canton fair, we will see how my perspective on current business will change and hope to have more direction on where to develop and grow more. I love the internet, and this is what its all about – ecommerce and online business developing, – lets travel and learn together, stay tuned on my blog for more details on these travels

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  1. Now you’re living…good plans for a nice long month of business / leisure travel.

    Look forward to seeing you bro.

    I need to do a post on the same, I’m going to be moving around a bit myself starting next week.


    1. Author

      no doubt, may as well be open about it and see who you can meet along the way – I just found out i ahve another friend in Thailand i need to visit! so we’ll head to that factory I sent you the address to a few months back?

  2. Mike,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate it and keep on doing what you do. Be good my man!


    1. Author

      thanks for coming out and leaving a comment M !

      glad you are reading this crazy blog and enjoying it. gives me hope and inspiration that I am doing it and others are getting something from it too.

      but really, its my real-life dairy….and glad people enjoy that.

      i’ll keep on pushing. look forward to blogging along my next 1 month trip

  3. Glad to hear youre going to throw in some R&R into the trip Mike! have fun man. oh and if we don’t hear from you for a while – Happy Birthday! its st pattys day today. is anyone in China wearing Green?

    1. Author

      There may be some R&R, but really every stop on the trip has some part business in it. Guess its all about the live / work lifestyle. Integrating it into life.

      St Patty’s was yesterday here (12 hour time difference) Can’t tell it is at all, except a few expat bars have some guiness specials – I did get a free t-shirt last night!

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