Looking for Online English & Business Teachers for our GFA Kids Club

Looking for Online English & Business Teachers for our GFA Kids Club

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Wendy, my amazing wife and better business person than me by far, is doing amazing with the approximately 1 year old GFA kids and online learning club initiative. Over 120 students now recurring and a great team and group of teachers.

She is asking for my help to find more teachers! English teachers are in biggest demand, but also have engineering and computer and business teachers on the list too.

How does it work?

It is a freelance, paid by session, arrangement of rate is based on various factors discussed during application.
Payments are 2x a month, mid and end of the month.
Time is normally evenings in Asia / Mornings in USA / afternoons in Europe
Software – we have specific online video software that works well on both sides of the border

Example, case study
Wendy found an amazing English teacher in North Carolina. She has been fully booked by the GFA Kids students parents and has a well compensated package – working in the mornings from 6am to 10am Eastern Standard time.

It is enough to support herself and her children – all while having the rest of the morning and day to take care of her children or do anything she pleases.

We are looking for more like her, as she will be on some medical leave in December.

If you know qualified teachers willing to do something like the above, let us know.

The website is https://gfakids.com or hit us up in DM.

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Happy wife, happy life, right?
So the online teacher platform is really taking off.
Wendy is grinding morning and night, 7 days a week (mostly at night Asia time)
And she is always pushing me – find more English teachers – you’re American , my friends say why doesn’t your husband help you find more native teachers
So here you go – HELP us find teachers!
And it is an amazing opportunity too – one teacher in North Carolina makes a full time living working with us 6am to 10am on weekdays – then has fun with her kids the rest of the day.
If you, or someone you know – would be interested in doing online teaching – hit us up!

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