Rest in Peace, Uncle Bill

Rest in Peace, Uncle Bill

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Got word from my dad that Uncle Bill has passed away – 9:45pm EST on Oct 18, 2022. 87 years old, and will live on in our minds and our hearts.

I will take some previous blog posts and photos I’ve collected over the year and use this blog post as a reference for me, and anyone else, to remember my dear Uncle Bill.

He was always so curious about the family history and heritage, such as helping me find information on my grandfather (which I never met). He would look up family all around the world, his Russian side, the Italian side, and help connect me to relatives all around the USA.

One time I even connected with a long lost family member for lunch in New York City while driving across the states with Wendy.

I remember the nice lunch I had with him and the family at a pizzeria in Hartford, Connecticut.

Visiting my cousin (his daughter) Alicia

And his ALL CAPS emails and comments on my Facebook posts.

Sorry Uncle Bill sometimes I was slow to reply to your messages….

He will be remembered as a kind hearted man who gave me support and inspiration to pursue my dreams. I recall him telling me the story of how my grandmother (his mother) left Russia during unstable times, did a sewing type business/job in Korea, and was able to leave with her family from Korea to Seattle by sea.

He helped connect me to other family members who after arriving in Seattle moved to San Francisco. And explained how his mother and he went to New York City (instead of SF, I’m not fully clear).

I will keep our fond memories with me Uncle Bill, and I love you and know you are proud of us. Will continue to do our best and feel your love.

Also Uncle Bill, to your sister, my dad’s sister, and my aunt – beautiful Aunt Nina, I am certain she is resting in peace and hope you 2 can reconnect.

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