Planning Manila , Philippines Trip in December 2022

Planning Manila , Philippines Trip in December 2022

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So planning my Manila trip – and will be there from Midnight Tuesday Dec 6 (so technically Dec 7, Wednesday) and flying out on Monday late afternoon December 12.

Dec 7 to 9 I am 100% focused on our amazing Shadstone team retreat. Will drive up to Tagatay resort where as many our team are there will focus on team building, reflecting on the last couple years, and dreaming about our future together as a company in 2023 and beyond.

It will wrap up Friday December 9 afternoon, and then I need to decide to maximize the rest of the time in Manila.

This is the thinking

Friday afternoon Dec 9 – take the bus back to Manila from Tagatay. Pick a place in Manila to be my “weekend headquarters” for meetings and networking. Seeming to be BGC. Probably at that point connect with Rico who is a great friend and been my storage warehouse for my things since I evacuated Philippines in March 2020! Wonder how all my items have been doing for 2.5 years ….

Probably catch up on rest Friday evening after an intense 2 day company retreat (plus that late flight on Tuesday night).

Saturday lets make the most of networking. Thinking to plan an afternoon tea and dinner casual get together with friends. Let’s see how it develops, I’m open to do a workshop or training session as well.

Sunday all open, maybe try to do some fun things?

Monday – Half day, plan to work a bit. Maybe if there is a “corporate” office to visit as it is a weekday, lets see how it goes. Go to the airport in the afternoon and fly back to Thailand.

Haven’t been to the Philippines since that evacuation flight back to China in March 2020. Curious about that whole ordeal? Check out the where were you during Covid-19 video blog here.

So over 2.5 years later, I’m finally returning to Manila, Philippines. And NO, not just to pick up my stranded belongings (Thanks Rico for being my warehouse) but also a few other matters.

For our Shadstone company retreat! The last company retreat was March 2020 just before the world shut down. Now we are back at it again.

So much has changed – I’d say for the better – at the company. Some hard changes were made, thanks Janette for your coaching and pushing, and we have worked so hard to build up leaders and a management team to grow and empower the team.

This retreat will be the biggest we’ve had ever (only have had a few before, and we keep growing) with at least 10 of our team there from December 7 to 9, 2022 in Tagaytay, Philippines (the volcano in a volcano).

Hope To Do Some More Networking While in Philippines

Anyone who knows me knows I love to “jam” in as much as I can when I take a trip. Make the most of it.

Some other early stage plans:

  • Meetup in Manila. Rico, and others – maybe nothin’ too big but at least round up anyone in the Global From Asia cross border trade who is in Manila to meet in person. Probably BGC district.
  • Host a workshop / speak at an event – being told not many “in person” events in Philippines nowadays, but I always try to speak if I can. Considering putting together a paid workshop on Amazon FBA and/or ecommerce. (Have done that quite a bit with our Philippines Global From Asia setup).
  • Visit some friend’s businesses – such as Ace Estrada’s agriculture project. He invited me to stay on their farm!
  • Some business development for Handshake – hope to meet some Philippines registrars and hosting companies. Believe Anne is lining some meetings up.
  • RECORD tons of content – podcasts, video blogs, video promotions. At the retreat of course, make a podcast episode with the team. Also hope to record some promotions for the Blimp Method and other projects we are working on to use as content long term.
  • Idea- factories in the Philippines? Can we add any product lines or brands with Philippines suppliers? Would be nice to make some visits and see if some deals can be made.

Probably a ton more.

Have ideas?

This is why I’m typing it up in advance. Would be great to make some deals with blog readers.

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Slowly stepping out to normal life
Before covid, it was no problem to travel. Kiss the wife and kids goodbye, see you in a week – Daddy is going on a business trip.
Since covid days, I’m petrified to do it.
But we gotta go back to normal – and I’ll be heading to Manila, Philippines in December for a Shadstone company retreat and maybe squeeze in a meeting or 2 as well.
PLUS pick up my products that have been stuck there since March 2020

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