Hyper-Fast Memory Lane in Hartford, Connecticut

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Nice to see Everyone, but so quick! Like a world wind tour – on this USA tour I am on I booked a few days in the city I was born and raised – Hartford, Connecticut. Also was nice that it worked out to be during Chinese New Years week – so the emails and workflow slowed down a little bit (but of course still work)

My parents retired down to Florida while I was working in New york City – so I don’t have a “home” to go to in Connecticut – but hometown friends are always welcoming to offer a place to stay. My “headquarters” being here has been with Andrew Moran and his house-mate Adam – in West Hartford, and I was able to run down memory lane.

This is the beauty of building an online business – location doesn’t matter as much – and while I don’t have many clients for Social Agent (though I did get Andrew to sign up and some others) – I can get my work done while also seeing hometown friends and family.

The Family

While my parents and grandmother and uncles (on my mother’s side) are relocated down to Florida – I still have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins in the northeast – we had a nice lunch on Friday – I was so amazed that they all made it down from parts of Connecticut and Vermont in this cold weather!

It has been 5, 10, or maybe even more years since I had seen some of these relatives, and I won’t get into deep details here on the blog about who and where for privacy reasons of others – it was amazing to see them.

Hometown Friends

Having been “born and raised” here in Connecticut (until I was about 18 to go to college in NJ), I have my hometown and high school friends here. Its great to see everyone, hear about their updates – more and more marriages and babies and weddings coming up.

For the most part, my friends still pushing along. In a way, I feel I have changed a bit – I’m getting a lot of feedback about that – but lets save that for a future blog post….

Boy Scouts

I’m really excited I also arranged a visit to my boy scout troop 105 while here. I seriously think it hasn’t been since 1998 or so that I had been back to that Thursday night meet up. It was cool they asked me and Andrew to help on a board of review for a scout trying to get into his 2nd class rank. wow, so many memories pouring through my mind as I saw the scouts fall in and prepare for their camping trip coming up. I’m so appreciative of the volunteers there helping out…it makes huge differences in kids upbringing.

While it was great to see everyone, it also makes me sad that I can’t get to spend more time with them! I guess even if I was living here, everyone is spread out enough and in their own daily life routine that I may not have chances to see them anyways – I treasure this time spent with them and am anxious to be back.

Seems the next time I’ll be back I’ll have my daughter/son with me! Its already strange enough coming back married, it will be even more “perspective-changing” to come back again with a mini-me by my side.

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