New Domain –

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 26 2014 | Comments (4)

Excited to post that today’s blog is being written and published on a new domain – For the past 7 years I have had been using the domain, and before that I was using Why the Domain Change? Well, as much I like people to remember my name – I think the […]

Analytics Session in Hong Kong by expert Kenneth Kwok @flybirdkk

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 18 2011 | Comments (0)

Earlier this week I was able to get to Hong Kong for a couple days, and by luck I happened to attend a Startup Monday in by startupsHK, at the infamous I’m always hanging out at. This was was quite awesome. Kenneth Kwok one of only a few web analytics experts in Hong Kong […]

Mixed Reviews on this New Blog Template

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 17 2011 | Comments (0)

Finally got this new blog template online, been talking about new template since September, tried to get it online before my USA trip scramble…after getting back from America I have been doing intense meetings, events, proposals for ecommerce businesses. But here we go, Doug helped me finish the blog template and I like it! Some […]

Blog Issues, New Blog Comment System Disqus + New Template soon

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 23 2011 | Comments (4)

Was wondering why the blog wasn’t getting comments for the past week or so – SOME DATABASE problem…so my team helped me install Discqus blog comment systems, so its hosted on their server and more “social” where you can use their login on this blog and other blogs. I didn’t choose to use “facebook” connect […]

Do I Need To Be A Programmer To Be Successful?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 24 2011 | Comments (5)

This has to be something we all think about when considering a startup, especially as technology and the internet continue to be the center of most startups. Over and over again, I get people coming to me asking for development companies to make their idea….and I have to kind of worry. Outsourcing scares me…its putting […]

Common Question – What Products To Sell Online?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 19 2011 | Comments (2)

I love hearing people who want to have an online business. I have been answering questions on all experts for years now about ecommerce and online businesses. It gives me perspective hearing about other people’s questions, problems, and confusions….and makes me realize I’m not alone when it comes to the massive and confusing jungle of […]

Feel Big Changes Coming For Internet Marketing, SEO

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 16 2011 | Comments (11)

While I don’t normally use this blog to talk about my business, I think with the recent news in the internet world you may be interested. While I still am overworked guy doing too many things, one of my biggest projects is SEO and internet marketing. What is SEO? Stands for Search Engine Optimization, which […]

Groupon Coming Fast Into the Chinese Market, will it succeed?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 17 2011 | Comments (2)

Yet another foreigner coming to China to make quick money in the biggest population internet users! To give you readers the background story, I think many of us in the internet world hear about Google trying to buy Groupon last month for like 6 billion US dollars (I’m too lazy to find PR links), only […]

Successful First Shenzhen Ecommerce Meetup

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 16 2011 | Comments (8)

I am getting on a roll making these meetups in all the cities I am traveling. Seems to be building on itself, but I have to say, I get more interested people to meet about business when I am in China. Seems this is where the most densely populated area of people, both local Chinese […]

Letting People See Where You Are Online, good or bad?

Posted by Michael Michelini | Nov 25 2010 | Comments (2)

For those of you not aware of this, one of the new things now is geo-based social networking…allowing you to share with the world where you are at the moment. I think this is pretty awesome, though I am aware the majority of people probably think invasion of privacy, security risks (“I know when you’re […]

More and More People Google Their Own Name

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jun 01 2010 | Comments (8)

Come on….I am sure most of you guys have done it – you go to google and pop in your name and see what comes up, right? I can only imagine this will continue to increase – you want to make sure that when you go for a job interview, apply for a home loan, […]

More Filtering of Internet

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 30 2010 | Comments (0)

Amazing……I keep wondering when, or if ever, the world will just be open about the information that passes. Reading this Fox News article about Bangladesh blocking facebook……as below Bangladesh Blocks Facebook Over Muhammad Cartoons Published May 30, 2010 | Associated Press AP May 28, 2010: Bangladeshi Muslim protesters burn a Swedish flag during a protest […]

No Time To Think – People are always “too busy”

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 08 2010 | Comments (10)

Traveling a lot these days has made me wonder…are people less bored these days then in the past. Do people fill the time more now that there are so many “in-between” gadgets and toys to keep us from twiddling our thumbs: Online chat – MSN, skype, google talk, QQ Mobile phones – texting , talking […]

In Xiamen – SMX Internet Trade Show

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 09 2010 | Comments (3)

Arrived in Xiamen yesterday, Jojo booked me a flight at 7:40am – so I arrived here bright and early to prepare for today’s Chinese Search Marketing Expo. This year I prepared a booth and a speech – about how to sell directly in the USA market. As chinese companies need to become more competitive in […]

As I Have More Readers – I cannot change my purpose

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 22 2010 | Comments (9)

Its great that each day now I hear about people enjoying to read my blog. Of course that is the first purpose I had when I first started this blog , to share my experiences starting up a company and transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship & small business. I remember the conversation in a […]

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