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thumbnail mikesblog2Excited to post that today’s blog is being written and published on a new domain – For the past 7 years I have had been using the domain, and before that I was using

Why the Domain Change?

Well, as much I like people to remember my name – I think the full name is hard for people to remember – even close friends need to Google search to find my blog. So this is much easier to remember – Mikes Blog – its what people already call it and will be much easier for me to verbally tell people to check out when I meet them at a meetup, etc.

Also, the story how I got the domain – a domain holder had this domain and emailed my blog asking if I was interested. We made a private deal and that only happened a couple days ago! Quickly moved over to this domain this weekend (I like to merge on weekends as traffic is lower)

Still Keeping

Not going to cancel the domain Michael Michelini – has always been a “1 page” site business card that will stay online.

Mike’s Blog is more “personal”, Global From Asia more Business

As I stated in my last blog post, I just separated my “home office” to a new “shared office” to separate my personal and my business. This blog has always been such a mix of business and personal – and now that I have a family, and I have recently started a business podcast Global From Asia – I want to make it clear this blog will still be a mix of business, personal, and perspective – if you want “pure business” subscribe to my podcast, I also will be blogging there in the future on business specific topics.

Still working out the technical migration

Changing domains is a bit of a hassle, and I’ll be fixing it as we go – all old posts (from should automatically redirect to the corresponding page/post on – if you see anything strange let me know!

I’m also working on fixing the disqus blog comments – its going a migration now and I hope we can move all those comments over – think it shouldn’t be a problem.

For those internet marketers out there – yes I’m working on 301 redirects, updating google sitemaps, google analytics, all that fun stuff 😉

Keep on going, hope this makes it easier for people to find my blog and engage with me more!

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