Sunday Morning Ramblings

Decided to publish this, have a bit of creative writer’s block in my morning writing session so rambled a bit, I don’t feel bad if you skip this post Sunday morning reflections. Each day that goes by, I am closer to dying. Need to make each day count. Need to also realize that my body is just a container for my soul. It is only flesh and bone. A lot of the needs, wants, and desires are for the flesh. Need to reduce this need for more. I keep playing the Marcus Aerilius “meditations” in my mind. Each day I … Continue reading Sunday Morning Ramblings


Amazing Time at DCBKK 2015

Typing this one up from “inside the machine” at DCBKK 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Been trying to keep up my morning routine and write every morning, which is a real extreme challenge here as this conference is action packed from 7am to midnight! Just fortunate to have found this community and been able to stick with it for the years. Today I just like to reflect some of the things I learned and takeaways for my own business. New Pre-DCBKK Event Meetups Dan, Ian, and the rest of the guys at DynamiteCircle have just kept growing this conference! Now there … Continue reading Amazing Time at DCBKK 2015

Settling Back In China, My Long Term “Home”?

Been back in Asia now for a few days. Still catching my breath from the US. Life is a beautiful thing. Having a family is a beautiful thing. Having family spread across the globe is a complicated thing! This trip was mostly a personal trip, to have my family back home meet my son for the first time. Miles can still fly free at this age, so trying to take advantage of that. Though a lap seat is a tough job for a parent! A good tip I learned from a friend Nicky is make friends around you and try … Continue reading Settling Back In China, My Long Term “Home”?

on the way to usa in cockpit

Arrived in USA

Back in good old USA safe and sound. Arrived Friday morning local San Francisco time. So blessed to have arrived here safely and smoothly. Landed 9:45am local time, about 45 minutes late due to not leaving Hong Kong on time. Was told it was due to air traffic control delaying planes from leaving the runway. Have to admit, I have a great feeling of relief! First time to travel with my son, and his first time to America. Came here with my wife about a year and a half ago for an 9999 amazing road trip while still pregnant with … Continue reading Arrived in USA

miles is going to have a little sister or brother -3 Picture

Miles is going to have a sister (or brother?) – We’re Expecting Our 2nd Baby!

Freaking out as I type this – but we’re ready to announce – we’ll be having another kid! About a month ago Wendy was feeling it and we got it checked and it’s confirmed. I am so excited, and love being a daddy. I think having another kid with Miles will be great, and they’ll be a bit less than 2 years apart – which I think is perfect. Funny thing is we’ll be traveling in USA again when she’s pregnant, and at about the same time in the pregnancy (4- 5 months). Heck ya, another kid. But of course … Continue reading Miles is going to have a sister (or brother?) – We’re Expecting Our 2nd Baby!

Sunday Morning Late August Reflections

I’ve been journaling and not sharing it online. A lot lately. Today’s I wrote and didn’t expect to share it, but about halfway through I thought this might be a good read for someone. Week Plan It is the last week of August? Or at least the last full one. Things will start to cool down. Summer is over. The summer has felt a bit like a transition period. Not just for me, but others around me. Or maybe I am just becoming more aware of my surroundings. Over halfway through the year (65% according to my morning journal). My … Continue reading Sunday Morning Late August Reflections

shanghai scrum alliance

Win Free Tickets To Shanghai, China Scrum Alliance 2015!

Win Free Tickets – My friend and Advisor Steve Forte is coming to Shanghai Sept to be a Keynote Speaker at the Scrum Alliance Gathering. Really wish I could attend myself but I’ll be traveling in USA. So, How to win? Read on, my friend! Event details can be found here: Official Event Website is What Is The Scrum Alliance? Scrum Alliance® is a membership organization that encourages and supports the widespread adoption and effective practice of Scrum. We are an organization of more than 400,000 members around the world, and more people joining every day, you always … Continue reading Win Free Tickets To Shanghai, China Scrum Alliance 2015!

written chinese imac_android_user_high_res

Launched Big Update on Written Chinese’s WCC Dictionary Mobile App

Excited to announce the company I’m part of has a product launch of a massive update for a learning Chinese app – WCC Dictionary – with a big update in the UI other features, if you’re coming to China, or in China, try it out – so many free features you can pretty much use it without ever paying! I use it to study Chinese each morning – as I posted here on how I learn Chinese with the app Enjoy it – and let me know if you have any feedback!   Dear Editor, Written Chinese is an online … Continue reading Launched Big Update on Written Chinese’s WCC Dictionary Mobile App

rthk michelini

Interviewed on RTHK’s Money For Nothing Radio Show

Last week (Friday morning) I was invited as a guest on RTHK’s Radio show “Money for Nothing”. Was a different experience from my time podcasting, as it is so rushed. But was an amazing experience with the professional setup right in downtown Hong Kong. What is RTHK? RTHK is Radio Television Hong Kong, it is an official network for radio and TV in the Special administrative region. What is Money for Nothing? Money for Nothing show is a financail show that is in the morning. Talking about the financial markets, what happened in the US and Europe markets the day … Continue reading Interviewed on RTHK’s Money For Nothing Radio Show

rise header

Amazing Time at Rise Conference in Hong Kong

It’s been a couple weeks now since the Rise Conference happened here in Hong Kong. It has taken me about that much time to catch my breath – what an overwhelming time for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts. And a big win for the Hong Kong startup scene, finally getting some much needed exposure. Today I’m just going to randomly share some of the things I saw and learned. My buddy @casey_lau w/paddycosgrove kicking off #Riseconf Hong Kong startup conference , energy so high — Michael Michelini (@michelini) July 31, 2015 What’s The Rise Conference? Sure, first you may … Continue reading Amazing Time at Rise Conference in Hong Kong

The Random Benefits From Random Blogging

The randomness of this blog is still helpful. People often ask me why I bother blogging, especially so rather open about my life and troubles. Most of that openness has been right here on this site you’re reading this. Guess that is what this is for, a place for me to put things out there – for my own satisfaction, and to let anyone else curious enough to also read it. Started blogging here in early 2007 when I left my day job at Deutsche Bank. I wanted to blog earlier actually, but with compliance and corporate policies I, along … Continue reading The Random Benefits From Random Blogging

dcbkk dynamitecircle conference 2015

DCBKK 2015 Here I Come! Dynamite Circle Annual Conference in October

I’m such a fanboy of the Dynamite Circle and Tropical MBA! I love what Dan and Ian are up to there – and am so fortunate to have been able to catch their first Tropical MBA meetup back in summer of 2011 (man how time flies!). Their conference, DCBKK (Dynamite Circle Bangkok) 2015 has grown and matured to have over 400 top notch internet business people from around the globe. I was in complete awe and overwhelmed at their DCBKK 2013 event. I am upset I missed last year’s (my kid had just recently been born) but not going to … Continue reading DCBKK 2015 Here I Come! Dynamite Circle Annual Conference in October

certificate of passing google tag manager course banner

Passed Google Analytics Course: Google Tags Fundamentals

Pretty excited I just passed the Google Analytics Tags Fundamentals course. If you take it and pass you get a nice little badge you can use – here is the link to the badge I was wondering how long it would take me to do, did it in about 2 hours on an afternoon. If you want to try it out and get the certificate, better hurry, have until July 24, 2015. Its free and you can re-take the test if you don’t pass. Check it out on Quick post today, cheers!

china business workshop michelini

Hosting a China Business Workshop in Miami, Florida in September!

I’m really excited to be making a trip back to America in September! I mentioned it in a quick blog post last month on my USA trip and have been working out details. I want to do events all around the states, but seems my “home” is in Florida. It is where my parents are and I want to spend the majority of my time there Plus I have an awesome friend and contact there now – Claudia! She helped with the event last year and did an amazing job! We have been discussing and picked a date and confirmed … Continue reading Hosting a China Business Workshop in Miami, Florida in September!