Lean Hardware in China with Cyril Ebersweiler from Haxlr8r – FCS02

This show was originally posted on Forbes China (in Chinese) and I will share it to the English audience here after it is published in Chinese Forbes, my full column can be viewed here – http://www.forbeschina.com/column/michelini. Thanks everyone for tuning in to another Forbes China Entrepreneur show, this is our second episode and we are focusing here on the Southern region of China. Today on the show is Cyril Ebersweiler, who I have known for many years in China doing various accelerator programs where I also went through his Chinaccelerator program batch # 3 for my startup Social Agent Limited. … Continue reading Lean Hardware in China with Cyril Ebersweiler from Haxlr8r – FCS02

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Launched a Wechat Official Page

As we are “de-thawing” from the long Chinese New Year, I have been busy setting up an official Wechat account for the blog and podcast. For those not familiar, Wechat is a chat app (and more) that has taken over the Chinese internet and mobile phone by storm. Funded by the massive Chinese internet company Tencent, it seems like an unstoppable force in China, and even out side of China it is getting traction. I recently had a podcast with Brent Deverman about leveraging Wechat for business if you want to check that out for more inside information on how … Continue reading Launched a Wechat Official Page

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep (or Goat)

Just a quick “Happy Chinese New Year” from me and the family here in Shenzhen. Stayed local and just got work, sleep, and family time in. Last week was the official holiday week, and there are a couple more days with the “government official holiday” ending on the 24th – but most people still won’t be back in the office until March. It is always a bit, strange, feeling as a Westerner in China during the New Year. And it was a late Chinese New Year compared to the Solar New Year (Jan 1) with almost 2 months in between. … Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Sheep (or Goat)


Book Review: Zombie Loyalists -> I’ve Been Bitten!

Just finished reading the new book by Peter Shankman, “Zombie Loyalists”. I’m so excited I devoured the book as soon as it was released a couple weeks ago, and just finished it over the weekend. I listened to Peter speak as keynote at a DCBKK in 2013 (Dynamite Circle mastermind conference and he really moved me at that speech, discussing how “There is Serious Business in Being Nice” (I have some highlights on a blog post from my DCBKK experience. I guess that is when he “bit me” and I became one of his Zombie Loyalists. I am always excited … Continue reading Book Review: Zombie Loyalists -> I’ve Been Bitten!

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Guest Speaker at a Tencent Chinese New Year Party

While many of us in the Western world are well into the new year of 2015, in China we are still finishing up the end of this lunar calendar year and Chinese New Year will be at the end of February. So just like company parties for Christmas and New Years, companies in China have their celebrations at the end of the year and prepare for the new year. I was able to be invited as a guest to a Tencent party, third party app developers and innovation, last Saturday Jan, 24, 2015 to share on my experience with startups … Continue reading Guest Speaker at a Tencent Chinese New Year Party

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Learning From Dave McClure at “Wake Up with Dave in Hong Kong”

I’m on a writing stink this morning so I may as well keep it up – Earlier in January I attended the Wake Up with Dave McClure in Hong Kong event hosted by StartupsHK and I’m so glad I did. Those not familiar with him, he founded the accelerator and startup fund 500 startups Even though it takes me about 2 hours each way to get there for a three hour morning event, I got tons of value. I was writing notes like crazy in my Evernote app while listening to Dave spill his brains on the audience, man what … Continue reading Learning From Dave McClure at “Wake Up with Dave in Hong Kong”

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Featured on NJBiz Magazine For My Love of The Speed Working in China

I’m really excited to share that I was featured in a recent article in NJBiz magazine December edition (web link here) for my love of working in China. Have been getting a bunch of people, both those I knew already and those who learned about me for the first time after they read this magazine. It is widely distributed in the NJ/NY region. I got a nice email from my New Jersey accountant Joe Rosenberg as he read it and was happy to see that I am doing well in China. He helped me a lot during the good (and … Continue reading Featured on NJBiz Magazine For My Love of The Speed Working in China

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Had a lot of fun being interviewed on Limitless Laowai Podcast!

I’ve been hosting a podcast for over a year now, but have not had the chance to be on a podcast interview since JP had me on China Business Cast in late 2013, and on Terry Lin’s Build My Online Store episode 3. So this was a fun time to get on the other side of the microphone and get interviewed on the Limitless Laowai podcast, listen to my interview in episode 45 about my experience doing a tech startup in China and “riding the social media wave” as she titled it. What’s A Laowai? True, I think some of … Continue reading Had a lot of fun being interviewed on Limitless Laowai Podcast!

2014 Year in Review

I have really been slowing down on my blog here, have been putting the Hong Kong and China business posts on Global From Asia blog and podcast and also deep into my work at Social Agent which is now Unchained Apps. But I will still be posting on the blog here more for a personal journal and reflection point of view, and not marketing it as much but leaving it public for those who care to read. The year 2014 was another great year. Here are some highlights. Wedding – Well technically was married legally in China in October 2013, … Continue reading 2014 Year in Review

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Speaking At PostMortem Hong Kong on Failure Experiences: “Zombie”

Recap of the PostMortem Hong Kong event we had today Nov 22, 2014. Borrowed the bio’s from the Post Mortem website and then I write up a recap of each of the sessions and what I learned. Martin Kessler, Phonejoy Martin was extremely open with his session, getting everyone a bit emotional. Discussing how he should have researched his investor more, bargained more. He has been through a lot with his startup as it got what I interpret as a hostile management takeover. Also seemed the market was too small to support the whole team. Main takeaway is to research … Continue reading Speaking At PostMortem Hong Kong on Failure Experiences: “Zombie”


October Has Been a Transition Month

October Has Been a Transition Month It is no secret getting married and having a child is a life changer. It helps you to focus your business and “tune out the noise” in your life. I love it! Waking up to a wife, son, and my Chinese father in law is the most fulfilling and motivating thing I have had. It is a similar feeling to waking up when I was in elementary school to hear my mom preparing breakfast in the kitchen and the smell of oatmeal on the stove. Excited With Positive Feedback on Global From Asia and … Continue reading October Has Been a Transition Month

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Video Tour of Huaqiangbei Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China

I’ve been experimenting and actually enjoying doing video “blogging” as I wonder in various areas in Shenzhen these days. The famous electronics market, Hua Qiang Bei, is one I cannot stop thinking about to get into the video series. I know some prefer to read my text instead of watching a video (I used to be like that with my slower internet and always on mobile, so I can relate) so I will try to keep some highlights of the video in this blog post. Huaqiangbei, literally translated as Huaqiang North is a technically name of a road in the … Continue reading Video Tour of Huaqiangbei Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China

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Buying from Hong Kong into Mainland China for Family – Mike’s new life (Video)

Trying out this video blogging, been blogging on http://mikesblog.com since 2007 and think now I gotta step it up and talk on video! Here I discuss how I am regularly going to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, China to do business, but have my family asking me to carry back certain goods – a bit more extreme than the father in USA asked to stop by Walmart on his way back from work. Let me know what you think!

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A Chinese Milestone: Miles Reaches 100 Days

Been so appreciative to be a father and a husband. Living the mixed life of a Westerner and a “Local Chinese”, but feel a bit more local Chinese lately. As with everything I have noticed in my life, it is best to embrace than resist. My son Miles now has passed 3 months (born on May 25th) and that first month, as some of you may have read, was a living nightmare for me and the rest of the family with him in the ICU. But it makes us just so much more appreciative to have reached this landmark. What … Continue reading A Chinese Milestone: Miles Reaches 100 Days

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Following these 4 Points to be a good father “PCPF”

Happy Sunday everyone. I’ve been hanging at home with the family almost the whole weekend. Even after just a couple months I have witnessed my son grow bigger and heavier. I can only imagine how fast he will grow up. And like many say – I appreciate my parents so much now – I think it isn’t until we have children of our own that we realize how much our own parents went through! So I have been researching online on “how to be a good father” and I was told by a friend this great 4 point that I … Continue reading Following these 4 Points to be a good father “PCPF”