Cross Border Summit Success! Pushing Myself Out Of Comfort Zone

The Cross Border Summit was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out on a Saturday and spent the full day with intense learning and networking! Many people said we should have waited til later in the year – that we didn’t have enough time to plan it – but we pushed through and made it happen – and wow, even I was surprised at how amazing it was! Pushing Myself Out Of A Comfort Zone Making the Cross Border Summit a success was a huge milestone for me personally. How many years I talked about doing something … Continue reading Cross Border Summit Success! Pushing Myself Out Of Comfort Zone

Julian Hosp Book Review

Just finished reading a fantastic book by Dr. Julian Hosp! I was fortunate to get connected to him and interview him for the Global From Asia podcast. Reading his book has inspired me on some new initiatives and I want to share today a bit about what I learned. Wish I Read This Earlier I guess that is true with any book or new thing you learn – you wish you came across it earlier! I’ll definitely try my best to get my kids to read this one as soon as they are old enough. The book is called “25 … Continue reading Julian Hosp Book Review

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Welcome Valery To the Team, Welcome Her to Hong Kong !

I’m so excited these past few days – we have a new visitor to Hong Kong – Valery! She’s been working on the Shadstone team now for a couple months – and this is the first time we have met! Such a positive person, she is in charge of our client services and community management. Which is perfect work for her. She spent quite a few months working at a coworking space in Thailand building up their community and making people feel welcome and at home – and this is exactly what she has been doing here at the Global … Continue reading Welcome Valery To the Team, Welcome Her to Hong Kong !

Grind report – March 2016

And here are the numbers: I’m behind on Mike’s Blog – but as promised I am still doing these monthly grind reports. The Reasons Behind The Results March was a up and down month. The beginning of the month was extremely stressful with a last minute move of our home in China! Really affected my work as it was a couple full days of stressful moving – with tons of “stuff” and 2 young kids. But once the first week or so got past us, the new apartment is much bigger and I don’t need to work on the balcony … Continue reading Grind report – March 2016

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Another Year, Another Birthday – I’m 35 Years Old!

Thank you everyone for being awesome. Life is good. Each year keeps getting better and better. The last year was a bit of a roller coaster. But one thing is for sure – I am pushing myself harder than ever. Not sure how to explain it. Just feel like that maybe the stoic books I am reading is setting in. Every single day I am one day closer to death. Time cannot be reversed. This second I am typing this word out, will not be replaced. My kids are getting older. I can’t believe Miles is going to be 2 … Continue reading Another Year, Another Birthday – I’m 35 Years Old!

GRIND03 – Feb 2016 Grind Report

Time to grind! Third month I’ve been doing the grind report and this month was a rough one for me. Results for Feb2016 compared to Jan 2016 Here’s the results: And here are the numbers: Comparing monthly totals: 155 in Jan vs 108 in Feb. Notes on February I had a feeling it would be hard to compete with Jan. It was Chinese New Year for like 2 weeks this month, plus it is a shorter month. Its also freezing cold, and working at home on the balcony with 2 jackets on doesn’t help with productivity! But no excuses. Yet … Continue reading GRIND03 – Feb 2016 Grind Report

Gourmet McDonalds in Hong Kong

Treat myself to some new concept McDonalds here. Invited by Andrew, aka @PenguinSix on Periscope, we chowed down on some new burgers here. I got a pretty freaky one…


Noodles & Street Carts in Hong Kong Financial District – Mike’s Vlog 015

Local Lunch in Hong Kong! Keeping it simple in today’s video blog. Went for some quick lunch w/ my friend Dina, she had a local noodle shop, rice noodle, with a Vietnamese twist to it. Show you guys a bit of a crammed cheap noodle place right in the middle of the financial district of Hong Kong Then got to go to the invite only Rise Conference Pre Launch Party. Will be May 31 to June 2 in Hong Kong, 2nd one, Last years was amazing and this years will be even better!


Welcoming a New Chinese Year – Year of the Monkey in Hong Kong w/ Lion Dances – Mikes Blog 014

We are back open for business here in Hong Kong and Mainland China! Monday after the Lunar New Year starts is a special time – at least in Hong Kong – I haven’t seen this in Shenzhen or other Chinese cities – there are lion dances at various shops to wish well luck and riches for the shop management. We see some lion dances, as Helena what this is, and walk around Kowloon a bit as I go shopping. Enjoy – and best to you and your business in the year of the Monkey!

January 2016 Grind Report

So welcome to my second “Grind Report”. I feel the pressure as I write this – and to be open with ya – I haven’t run the results yet. Wanted to write this before I do the numbers. But I have a feeling I fell short at the end of January. I hate to have excuses, but it is real – I just had my 2nd baby on Jan 24th. All this family matters of course comes before my grind report. Milestones What are some of the key milestones of January? 1. Started out strong – I think all of … Continue reading January 2016 Grind Report


Visiting a Chinese Temple Before Chinese New Year – VLOG013

Almost Chinese New Year here! The city is emptying out and we pass right through the chaos at Luo Ho border crossing. But then take about an hour drive out of downtown to Da Peng Village to see a fortress and a temple. Had no idea this place existed until today! Ate some funky food, spun Miles around, and overall had a great time, enjoy!


Why Writing a Book Is Awesome + Hong Kong Sightings VLOG012

Love you guys – getting great feedback just a couple days after putting online. Met some of my good friends in Hong Kong to get some testimonials – and also randomly walking around in Wan Chai and Central district for a bit of people watching! Book is free on Amazon until Friday make sure you grab it – and best of luck with your business in China, Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world!

It’s Live – The “China Startup” Book on Amazon

My Chinese New Year Gift For You So – please, enjoy this book and download it free from Amazon Kindle for the next few days. View China Startup on Amazon now For the full announcement post – I picked my business blog Global From Asia for the nitty gritty. the quick URL for amazon is – so tell you friends to use that for fast access.

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My Morning Routine Worksheet (+ Free Template)

What do you do in your mornings? For me, I have about an hour of a half of regular routine. In a newsletter I said, its day 14 of Jan, and we are already done with 3% of the year (simple math of 14 / 365 = 3.8%) are you on track for reaching your goals? A few people liked that little sentence and asked how I keep track. Today I’ll share the breakdown of my morning journal, this included. This Spreadsheet Has Evolved Over Time It started out from the inspiration I got from Hal Elrod’s morning miracle (read … Continue reading My Morning Routine Worksheet (+ Free Template)