January 2016 Grind Report

So welcome to my second “Grind Report”. I feel the pressure as I write this – and to be open with ya – I haven’t run the results yet. Wanted to write this before I do the numbers. But I have a feeling I fell short at the end of January. I hate to have excuses, but it is real – I just had my 2nd baby on Jan 24th. All this family matters of course comes before my grind report. Milestones What are some of the key milestones of January? 1. Started out strong – I think all of … Continue reading January 2016 Grind Report

Visiting a Chinese Temple Before Chinese New Year – VLOG013

Almost Chinese New Year here! The city is emptying out and we pass right through the chaos at Luo Ho border crossing. But then take about an hour drive out of downtown to Da Peng Village to see a fortress and a temple. Had no idea this place existed until today! Ate some funky food, spun Miles around, and overall had a great time, enjoy!


Why Writing a Book Is Awesome + Hong Kong Sightings VLOG012

Love you guys – getting great feedback just a couple days after putting online. Met some of my good friends in Hong Kong to get some testimonials – and also randomly walking around in Wan Chai and Central district for a bit of people watching! Book is free on Amazon until Friday make sure you grab it – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AVWFWS6 and best of luck with your business in China, Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world!

It’s Live – The “China Startup” Book on Amazon

My Chinese New Year Gift For You So – please, enjoy this book and download it free from Amazon Kindle for the next few days. View China Startup on Amazon now For the full announcement post – I picked my business blog Global From Asia for the nitty gritty. the quick URL for amazon is Mikesblog.com/cs – so tell you friends to use that for fast access.

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My Morning Routine Worksheet (+ Free Template)

What do you do in your mornings? For me, I have about an hour of a half of regular routine. In a newsletter I said, its day 14 of Jan, and we are already done with 3% of the year (simple math of 14 / 365 = 3.8%) are you on track for reaching your goals? A few people liked that little sentence and asked how I keep track. Today I’ll share the breakdown of my morning journal, this included. This Spreadsheet Has Evolved Over Time It started out from the inspiration I got from Hal Elrod’s morning miracle (read … Continue reading My Morning Routine Worksheet (+ Free Template)


Welcome Baby Maggie to the World – VLOG010

Been a bit longer than usual since my last blog. Because I’ve been anxiously awaiting to finish this video blog – Maggie’s birth! Business and life has been on a standstill – much different experience than my first son’s birth. So this video is a bit more personal, but some action shots in Hong Kong and Shenzhen as usual. Maggie was born on Sunday Jan 24, 2016 in Shenzhen – with a record low temperature! Reports of snow and sleet in HK and SZ.

Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!

Saturday morning as I type this up. Been waiting a few days for the baby to come. Second baby so I should be used to this right? Nope. Still. Nerve racking as the first. This one is a bit of a different situation, it is more of a slow process. Trying To Still Keep On Work Track Doing your own business while having kids is a big challenge. From my own experience as well as that from others in my network. I want to play with my kid Miles, but I need to write up a blog post or reply … Continue reading Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!


Take a ride on the Shenzhen, China Subway  – VLOG009

Just a few more days till I’m a new daddy. This video blog we are in Shenzhen and going to the Unchained Apps office. Will take the subway / metro / MTR a couple times and show you some of the action we deal with on a regular basis here. Also picked up my kid’s entry permit for Mainland China

Motivation JOLT from Mark Cuban

Something inside of me is “hungry” again. It was about a year or so since I had this hunger. Maybe it is life is getting more clear for me. Maybe its having a second kid. But I’m ready to rumble more than ever this year. Quote from Mark Cuban Instagram has turned into a motivational quote feed for me. Yes, I know that is good to get followers or whatever, not something I’m doing. But I do like getting them. Today I just saw this quote during my pomodoro break: “Work Like There is someone working 24/7 to take it … Continue reading Motivation JOLT from Mark Cuban


Mountain Biking in Buji, Shenzhen, China VLOG008

Weekend biking in the outskirts of Shenzhen around the water reservoir up mountains. A good time w/ Mike Bellamy, CEO of Passage Maker China (psschina.com) and Neale O’Connor from ChinaSourcingAcademy.com then I headed off to Hong Kong for the few days I’ll be here. May get called back to Shenzhen pretty quick depending on how it goes w/….well we’ll talk about that at the end.

First Grind Report, December 2015 Productivity Results

Grind report, yes! Grinding as in working hard, day in and day out. No excuses, no complaining. This is a monthly report I’m going to start doing that will keep me accountable for being productive and effective in my work ethic. What Is a Grind Report? So you’re wondering, what is this grind report? In my last blog post I mentioned Viper Chill’s article about his productivity work style, and he also uses pomodoros. He is tracking like me, and I want to also jump on the band wagon and start publicly sharing how many I’m doing and what I … Continue reading First Grind Report, December 2015 Productivity Results

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Latest Morning Routine + New Productivity Reports (Grind!)

I’m a nerd about my morning routine. I shared a blog post a while ago when I was getting in the groove. I’ve still managed to keep up with the 5:30am (well, its almost always 5:40am) and I thought it would be cool to share some of the tweaks and enhancements I’ve made. Its All About Tweaking & Honing A lot of friends ask me how to get motivated to do this morning routine. As I learned from Hal Elrod, you just need to start! Don’t try to do a million of these things that I’ll share today, but instead … Continue reading Latest Morning Routine + New Productivity Reports (Grind!)


Flamingos in Hong Kong – VLOG007

Still in Hong Kong, missing Miles – but took a break from the banks and government offices to stop and see the Flamingos! A bunch of friends who have known Hong Kong for years didn’t even know these guys existed. Enjoy! Plus I took the border crossing back to Shenzhen – did I catch Miles in time before he went to bed? enjoy!


Take a Ride on the Hong Kong Ferry: VLOG006

Back in Hong Kong, banks, taxes, and other work. Chatting about dealing with being away from family, both the “Chinese family” and the “American family”. Life is a struggle, but we need to enjoy it and embrace it!