Happy July 4th From China

Another July 4th in China. This year had a bit of a different style to it. The US Embassy invited me to Guangzhou for the Celebration of the 239th year of the United States of America. Sure I’ll take them up on the offer! Haven’t been to Guangzhou since going last year for Miles emergency passport. Walking back into the US Consultate for the party brought back memories from that frantic time. American flags covered the US consulate, more than usual. Various posters of the phases of the American flag over the years. In addition to the flags, there was … Continue reading Happy July 4th From China

Results from my Chinese Learning Challenge w/ italki in June

Been a month already! I studied Chinese with tutors for the past month via the online platform italki as part of their June Language Challenge and here is my video proof … hopefully I’m a bit better… I wish I could study more and full time, but keep in mind this is while I’m doing my work at Unchained Apps, consulting, podcasting, book writing, etc!

happy fathers day miles 2015

Happy Father’s Day!

I love being a dad! I was so hesitant and afraid to become a father. Yet I always did want to have a child to share my life knowledge and experience with – to nurture and grow. This is my second year as a father – but last year didn’t yet get to even hold my son as he was still in an incubator. So I will consider this my first year celebrating being a dad We were planning to take a day trip to Hong Kong – wife, kid, mom and dad in-laws, and me. But early in the … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

startupland book zendesk

Book Review- Startupland

I was fortunate enough to attend Mikkel Svane’s (Zendesk founder and CEO) presentation of his startup journey founding the company in Denmark to relocating to SF and the recent IPO. I’m really happy he also stopped by Shenzhen on his China visit – as a lot of people are unaware of the size and ability of the tech community here. I was also fortunate enough to get an autographed copy of his book “Startupland” that covers the Zendesk journey, and today I’ll go through some highlights of the book. Read it in 1 Weekend I got the book on Friday … Continue reading Book Review- Startupland

Taking the Fam to America! USA trip in September

I’m excited to say that I am taking Miles to USA for the first time! We booked the flights for September and Wendy, Miles, and I will be cramming onto an international flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco! International Flight Details So I booked it for September 11 and will stick in the States until about the end of the month. I always pick San Francisco or West coast for the international flight as it is so much cheaper and flight time options. Plus it is a shorter flight than going to New York. Departing From Asia Hong Kong … Continue reading Taking the Fam to America! USA trip in September

wide china business cast

Announcing China Business Cast as Part of the Media Group

Excited to announce I have taken on another podcast – China Business Cast. This is a great podcast I was keeping up with since the beginning, started by JP and am honored to take the torch and continue the podcast forward. The show is introduced as: he goal of China Business Cast is to help entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do business in China.  The podcast features conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and business people who’ve built their businesses in China.  We’re here to dig into the details so you can learn from real, on-the-ground accounts of how business … Continue reading Announcing China Business Cast as Part of the Media Group

why mike came to china

Video: Why Did I Come to China?

I’m playing around with videos and thought I would make one with Miles again and share why I came to China in the first place. This is such a common question may as well share it with everyone and refer people to this video to get the story straight once and for all. I never thought I would live in China, and thought it was crazy enough that I would travel here for trade shows back in 2007! But I was so overwhelmed with things to learn and people to build relationships with I quickly moved here at the end … Continue reading Video: Why Did I Come to China?

one big chinese family michelini wide

The Full Chinese Family Here

Happy Sunday morning! Sneaking some time away from family this morning to update about the newest addition to my home here in Shenzhen – my mother in law moved in last Sunday. She came down from Shenyang and we have been discussing this for months. After Miles was born, a lot of the family went back to hometown, leaving my father in law, Miles, Wendy, and I at home here in Shenzhen. It has been a lot of work for Mr Wang (my father in law) to stay at home since Wendy went back to work in April and I’m … Continue reading The Full Chinese Family Here

miles working at my desk

Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

I’m typing today’s blog post up with Miles crawling around at my feet in my home office. Keeps tugging at the wires and so I am constantly taking a pause from writing to prevent him from pulling the laptop off the desk or ripping a power cord out. The new complexities of working from home Last night we celebrated Miles’s first birthday. Just a small thing with Wendy, grandpa, and me. We decided to skip a big birthday celebration. Life is moving so fast. Think Back To 1 Year Ago Now I know how my mom feels when my birthday … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Miles!


Halfway Through 2015 Learning Chinese – Taking iTalki Language Challenge

I said earlier this year I would learn Chinese – and I’m doing good so far – but mostly been spending 30 minutes every morning learning the characters – not the spoken – so I am taking advantage of the italki Language challenge in June to do 12 hours of verbal training I have been enjoying characters and I made a video and blog on Written Chinese here and the second follow up one for

Sam Marks Blog2

The Right Chinese Business Partners Help Sam Marks Sell His Company for Over 100 Million USD – FCS04

This post originally was published on Forbes China in Chinese. I am publishing here the English version I made (and then had translated to Chinese) for those English readers and listeners interested. Finding the Right Chinese Business Partners Help Sam Marks Sell His Company for Over 100 Million Us Dollars Welcome everyone to episode 4 of the Forbes China Entrepreneur show – hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather, it’s been warming up here in the South of China. This week we are in for a treat – we have Sam Marks, a founder of SkyCig e-cigarette company that sold … Continue reading The Right Chinese Business Partners Help Sam Marks Sell His Company for Over 100 Million USD – FCS04

mike michelini featured in shenzhen daily newspaper

Featured in Shenzhen Daily News: “From Wall St to the New Silicon Valley”

Really appreciate that I have been blessed with awesome media coverage lately. I connected with Lawrence, Luo Songsong, the reporter from Shenzhen Daily newspaper who made the awesome write up – and he was intrigued with my story and my lifestyle! We had a couple great meetups while he put together this story that, when reading it from the newstand downstairs from the Unchained Apps office, made my heart skip a beat. Very well written. Here is the article in e-paper format: http://szdaily.sznews.com/html/2015-04/24/content_3205923.htm My friends starting sharing it online and then I realized it was already published! I went down … Continue reading Featured in Shenzhen Daily News: “From Wall St to the New Silicon Valley”

book launch destination chinabanner2

Happy Birthday – Launching my 2nd Book – Free on Amazon For You

I’m really excited to be launching my 2nd book (first on Amazon) on my 34th birthday today! This year has been the best one of my life, and I expect next year to be even better than this. So to celebrate, I have listed my second book, Destination China, on Amazon for free! As part of the KDP (Kindle Select) Program I can give it away free there for 5 days. It’s my first experience on Amazon and already some problems – its 2:41pm in China on April 2nd, but still it isn’t listed as free on Amazon- I think … Continue reading Happy Birthday – Launching my 2nd Book – Free on Amazon For You

mikes productivity and work habits in 2015 Blog2

Staying Focused and Motivated – Sharing Some of My Recent Habits & Strategies

I have really been enjoying my productivity and energy in 2015, I have gotten so much more done in the past few months than I have in a year in the past. Last year, 2014, was a transition year as I was actively working towards getting to this level, and I still have a lot more improving to do still. Today I will share a bit about the process. Practice the Morning Miracle I’ve been listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast Smart Passive Income, and the episode with Hal Elrod about his Morning Miracle formula has been my favorite for sure. … Continue reading Staying Focused and Motivated – Sharing Some of My Recent Habits & Strategies

work with us

Get A Job in China: Work With Us in Our Tech Startup

Excited to announce that we have a budget to accept applications for a new product manager position at the app portfolio company where I’m a partner – Gigabud Limited. This will be role where someone will get the chance to work with a lot of technology in a cross-border international team here in Shenzhen, China. I need help with managing our product specifications and coordinating between our technology and business departments for the continued development of Social Agent as part of this app portfolio company. Why Join Us? Why Not! We, Gigabud Limited, are a medium sized company with a … Continue reading Get A Job in China: Work With Us in Our Tech Startup