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Contributing Back To Boy Scouts – Remotely

Boy Scouts had a huge positive influence on me growing up. It gave me structure to build on outside of the grind of school. I talk about my boy scout experiences more here and here if you’re curious.

And over the holidays I was contacted by my Scout Master – Bill Gervais trying to get back in contact. There is an Eagle Scout Plaque Ceremony in March.

Wish I could make it – but I’ll be in Thailand – deep in online business work as the ecommerce incubator / platform we’re building is being built. Plus going back to America is a big trip especially with 2 little kids in full time school.

So over the holiday I thought – hey – I love blogging and creating content – why not build up the Troop 105 Boy Scout website? It had been online many years ago and I noticed expired. So registered the domain, put it on one of my web hosting accounts, installed WordPress and cranked out a website on New Years Day.

Having a call with Bill he was happy to see the initiative and the site alive – and had a lot of requests for text to be changed and other things. Hoping I can get them up to speed on WordPress so that the scouts can login and add events, new Eagle scouts, and more – step by step.

Feels good to contribute a bit even though I am on the other side of the world. Yet at the same time it makes me realize how disconnected I am from the rest of society – just coordinating a call has been tough with the time schedules and time zones.

Other Eagle Scouts have been in touch too and hope can get some more people to support on the upkeep and maintenance of the site – as I am sure there is so much more to build it out.

What would be awesome is if this website project could help grow the troop a bit – as Bill tells me they are working on building it back up as the enrollment has been dwindling.

Check out the Boy Scouts Troop 105 website here – let me know – maybe get you involved!

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