The Random Benefits From Random Blogging

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The randomness of this blog is still helpful.

People often ask me why I bother blogging, especially so rather open about my life and troubles. Most of that openness has been right here on this site you’re reading this.

Guess that is what this is for, a place for me to put things out there – for my own satisfaction, and to let anyone else curious enough to also read it.

Started blogging here in early 2007 when I left my day job at Deutsche Bank. I wanted to blog earlier actually, but with compliance and corporate policies I, along with others in the bank, were afraid to be public online. Maybe it would lead back to us and jeapordize our jobs?

While this blog for a few years became a place I talked about business and sharing knowledge- I spun that off into Global From Asia and other blogs and businesses. Now I am purely talking about life, my newly developing family, fun things I find and read, and other random things.

I had lunch this past Monday with a cool guy Chris who found me from this blog. He is an American in Shenzhen and said he was searching coworking in Shenzhen, how to marry a Chinese woman, DCBKK event in Bangkok and my site kept coming up in Google.

He said:

I need to reach out to this guy

Guess this has been the best kind of benefit from all this blogging. Networking, reaching people while I am on the road, sleeping, and one day dead.

And of course I wonder if my kid will read these posts.

But really it is a public journal that helps me connect with like minded people, and at the same time probaby filters out people who think I am not a good business person or whatever. Filtering is good, and saves me time


So going forward – this blog will continue to be random and unorganized. Just sharing about various things in life and business.

Even have some drafts I’m ready to release soon!

And if you have ideas or suggestions on this blog, do please let me know!

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