Merry Christmas From China, Expat Celebrating the holiday overseas

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Many of my family and friends in back home in USA ask me how do I celebrate Christmas in China.

I have been celebrating Christmas in China for the past 4 years now (almost 5), well, technically last year I crossed over to spend Christmas in Hong Kong…as I almost was here in Christmas 2007, but Spent it with my family in Florida – I have kept up with at least a quick post each Christmas the past few years, some others:

Second Christmas in China

First Christmas From China

But yea, in China, Christmas isn’t recognized as a holiday, but each year, shops and city governments decorate more for it (they say sales go up in the shops that have Christmas decoration). The Chinese people respect foreigners here and they always check up on me in what I am doing. In 2009, I actually worked on Christmas day…but this year, it was a Sunday and I am getting better at relaxing a bit more.

So for the most part, foreigners here find a bar or restaurant that has some sort of Christmas dinner special, this year I hung out at my buddy Marshall’s bar, Jordans – below is the info:

Cheers & Jordans to host Christmas Buffet Lunch together on Dec. 24th

For those Shenzheners who are planning to be in town for Christmas, Cheers and Jordans bar in Shekou (rose Garden II) invite you to bring your family and enjoy a delicious Christmast lunch.

We will be serving buffet style on Dec. 24 at noon the following:

– Turkey
– Ham
– Stuffing w/Gravy
– Cranberry Sauce
– Mashed Potato
– Caesar Salad
– Broccoli
– Fresh Fruit
– and for dessert… warm Apple Pie!

Everything will be homemade and delicious and we hope to see you there!

Cost: Adults 150rmb and kids under 8 are 50rmb

Its all about spending good times with good people, maybe I am a bit bummed out seeing friends leaving China….but I still have quality friends and connections here.

I also just like to have a day of rest and emails slowing down from bombarding my inbox! Cheers!

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  1. great great
    sorry i email do not want to
    tweet is the way have to get there
    mom went to church 8 am sunday
    was full. your sis had lazana christmas eve
    nice picture of you happy day good food

    1. thank dad,
      miss our walks on the beach in Florida – even here in Shenzhen, China its cold this time of year – I’m in a sweatshirt and long pants… whereas Christmas with you guys in south florida is in shorts and a tank top on the beach!

      Michael Michelini
      eCommerce Consultant

  2. Thanks Mike (and all) for coming down to Jordans.. good fun!

    1. yea, it was a fun time – i think holidays are mostly about relaxing and being around good friends. what makes it suck is being alone.

  3. Looks great! Next year – Manila with me 😀 Who bought you the dog, or was that dessert?

    1. Everyone loves cracking on eating dog in China – so i posted on facebook some dogs hanging on meat hooks… wow that got a lot of attention!

      Sure I’ll meet u in manila next year! rock on brotha!

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