Merry Christmas from Florida

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Hit the beach with mom, dad, and the dog Ivan today. Sister’s serving for the US Air Force in North Dakota….Took a nice long walk and just getting back about 5:30pm today.

I may say I hate to rub it in…but I really don’t – 2nd straight year celebrating Christmas in Florida…..Its hilarious watching the nightly news and seeing snowstorms in Northeast, windstorms in Chicago…and then the Newscaster comes on after we’re looking at the footage and goes “ha ha- good to know we’re down here”. I just crack up…..

Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii

A gift from Bruce, a good guy and a customer I have been chatting with from New York Bar Store

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  1. Happy belated Christmas….picture was very nice with your happy smile…..and kick some asses in China 🙂

  2. Author

    thanks Cici!! haha – just checking these damn comments now, i promise i’ll check them more in the future

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