2nd christmas in China

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Christmas has always been a time for us to reflect about the past year, spend time with family and friends – and look to the future.

I arrived in China to live dec 31, 2007 – just after spending christmas in florida with my family. Decided to save money and focus in 2008, and again in 2009 i am here in shenzhen city, china – actually worked most of the day – met with a few people about business, banking details, and checked out the office for next year…

its also because i came to china at the end of the year beginning of another that my apartment and office leases are all ending at the same time forcing me to consider moving or staying – and it seems moving has been a big trend…..but its also because i am growing.

a big family in china – my staff, my friends, my contacts and relationships – i am becoming more chinese each day…..maybe i should take the trip back to usa….been so long.

i am really looking forward to 2010 – i have a much more clear and focused goal of ecommerce and order fulfillment streamlining. cheers to that

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  1. I remember Christmas in China. Just not the same. A little closer here in Singapore but temperature in the 90’s. Good luck with the moves and happy new year!

    1. Author

      good to hear from you David,
      yes, just not the same here in China….

      but even in Singapore, without snow and that Northeastern USA feel…it will never be the same.

      Even in 07 it wasnt the same for me, as it was celebrated down at the beach in Florida, USA

  2. happy new year, mike!

    have been busy preparing exams, so can’t keep up your blog recently…but i will try to make up after the exams.

    good luck!and best wishes to your company!

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