Merry Christmas from China!

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Besides some scattered christmas decorations, there isn’t much christmas in China. Plus in southern china the climate is warm – so no feeling at all of the Christmas I knew growing up in Connecticut, USA! Christmas eve night though – the city is packed with people, restaurants jam packed with higher sticker prices due to the christmas holiday – bars and clubs jam packed giving away santa caps and prizes.

Had dinner at my friend Andy Blahnik and Rica’s apartment. Some turkey and beers, played monopoly on the xbox, and met some new people. Think that is what Christmas is all about, getting people together, relaxing, and reflecting on the new year ahead…..

Each year about this time, seems a lot of things change – people are thinking about their purpose in life, what they want to do, what is important in their life. And yes, I am still thinking about that. What do I really want to do, to become, to be remembered for? I am generally happy and feel I have built something – what that is exactly I am not sure. There are parts of what I do that I do not like, do I continue to work so that all I do are jobs I like to do?

Time for reflection, that is what Christmas has become to me.

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