On The Move Again – Singapore Trip Speaking at Amazon

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We are kicking off the “hyper travel” in Asia times that I recall pre-covid. Another amazing fact – while I was awaiting to board my flight in Chiang Mai airport, Google reminded me that 3 years to the day I was desperately trying to get into China to reunite with my family and enter a 14 day quarantine.

This time the family is on the road too! They want to enjoy school break (in Thailand there is a school break for Song Kran festival) as well as to escape burning season – so flew down to Hua Hin. Snook joining them as well.

What a surreal feeling – my wife and kids going to another city from the same airport while I head to Singapore to speak and share at the Amazon Global Selling Singapore community.

Let’s come back in this post-covid world 10x. It is well deserved after the years of struggle, lockdowns, and separations.

Check out the vlog to see the travel to Singapore and some highlights of my session in Amazon Singapore office.

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