China Trip July 2019

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Back to China – again! Wife and a few others asking the deal – so as always – putting it out there. Here’s a very quick writeup so far

10 days on the road – July 6 – 17, 2019.

This Saturday, July 6, 2019 fly from Chiang Mai to Hong Kong. Evening flight so spend as much time as possible w/ the wife and kids.

Skylimo right to Huanggang border to Shenzhen, China. Arriving around 11:30pm. Hang at my buddy Dave’s.

Sunday July 7, local chores – fapiao (tax receipt) dissemination, mail receiving, sending.

Monday July 8 – morning in Shenzhen. Do a Global From Asia video blog on third party logistics.

Afternoon – meet Bloomberg podcaster in HK for an interview.

Night – Rise Conference meetups.

Tuesday, July 9 – Rise conference media content creation time.

Tuesday night July 9 – hosting a GFA meetup w/ Rise

Wednesday July 10 – some Rise things.

Afternoon – fly to Hangzhou (factory land) for a 2 day training seminar I’ll be doing on Amazon FBA.

Thursday / Friday July 11 – 12 – hosting a 2 day workshop and on-site training for a Chinese factory on Amazon FBA

Saturday July 13 – Yiwu China for Sisitano order shipment checking. A bunch of new listings and figured I’d check it out while I’m in town.

Sunday July 14 – not sure, somewhere in Yiwu / Yuyao

Monday July 15 – more factory meetings. May meet another factory who wants consulting and training.

Tuesday July 16 – fly from Hangzhou to Hong Kong

26 hour layover in HK airport – but did it on purpose to do an extensive update to post on the shopping / lounges / hotels at the massive airport.

Wednesday July 17 – Back to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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  1. Have a good trip Mike. Is there a lot of demand from Chinese factories for FBA consulting? They seem really good at Amazon – what do they typically need help with?

    1. Author

      thanks Max – true Chinese are experts now at Amazon FBA – but some are still factories that do OEM / B2B and don’t know how to do B2C ecommerce. And sure -tehy could hire a Chinese FBA expert to do it …. Chinese often prefer to learn from foreigners – so that is where I came in 🙂

      1. Cool Mike. Why do they prefer to learn from foreigners?

        1. Author

          well – my being a foreigner – that may not be reason / the only reason I do have good experiences and knowledge.

          But as far as why a foreigner question – Chinese sometimes trust foreigners more for education purposes over their local network as they feel Western education is better.

          That is why so many Chinese go to USA university, etc.

          1. interesting. what made you decide to build a physical product business vs. focusing full time on training Chinese how to build Amazon businesses? is there enough demand for training to build a meaningful income stream?

          2. Cool – what do they usually need help with when it comes to Amazon?

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