Just Another Amazon Seller Asking You For a Favor

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Just Another Amazon Seller Asking You For a Favor

It has been about a year now since re-entering eCommerce, more specifically Amazon FBA

We built a team, and have something to show for it.

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Many always ask me – what does Mike do? Then the response is normally “too much”. I love creating content (as you can see from the vlog and  blog) and a lot of that is centered around Global From Asia.

About a year ago, the blog launched a new campaign – to build a new company and form a team around Amazon FBA.

Shout out to Meir for pushing me to start this new venture and diversify from just being a blogger.

Ecommerce Gladiator has been the sub-series on the podcast and we have had a lot of fun, as well as ups and downs, in the meantime.

The main brand is Sisitano, a coffee accessory brand and the main product inside the coffee brand is a moka pot. Something we thought was so simple yet – as anything in life – is much more complex when you start to dig.

Because we didn’t just take one off the shelf and slap a logo on it (typical private label). We made a bunch of improvements from what we saw in Amazon FBA (the market). Fire resistant handle, better water sealant, a nice little bundle with other coffee accessories.

A nice little kit, and a cool little kit. Kind of reminds me of the bar products I was in so many years ago.

Plus, it has me getting back to drinking coffee.

Who knows where the world will take us next – if you can help me out and share this on  your Facebook wall, that would be so amazing.

Go to this URL and then share it on  your Facebook will help me out a ton – 60 shares is the target – https://sisitano.com/mokapotshare

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