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Today has been a reflective day….spent the majority of my day finding an office in the business district…man I need to learn Chinese….no one here speaks English….and I find the IT / internet company – and I meet with the VP of Strategic Development…and I pitch my idea…he likes it overall (it seemed) but of course I have a lot more work to do, and more to show them, and more numbers, and more analysis….all sobering to me….I am full of ideas….but I need to learn so much more…

Met my new friend Felicity who I met while on the Great Wall tour – she studies at the international college here – studying to be a Teacher of the Chinese language…so we chatted about how I think the Chinese language is the most complex….hardest language…of course she doesnt think so…

BUT I AM SOOO OVERWHELMED….I guess its because I am challenging myself each day with new things….and realizing just how HUGE this world is…..


Hello.These are our pictures and a picture I took in the summer when there was water in the pond.
Wish you good luck both for your learning chinese and your business. And again, don’t be scared.


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  1. Hey Dude, lookin Good! Flat screen monitor – Great Idea. a bit to carry around but it solves the laptop problem. Great wall wow thats effin cool dude. you are seeing so much and experiencing so much. and your pictures look better than the phone pictures you’ve been posting. did you get a new camera? and its funny how frustrated you are with people not speaking english. do you think chinese people are frustrated here when they come to visit and they are like “man nobody speaks chinese – whats the deal?”

  2. Hey Mike, catching up on your blog. Sounds like things are going great over there for you. Stay well and travel safe. Andrea

  3. Hey Mike, nice to see you doing your thing!
    Trip looks amazing…did you get my boulder? 😉

  4. Piotr – you never fail to crack me up….yea dude I had to get a flatscreen to use this laptop…I”m leaving the laptop here in China.

    Tricia – yea I got your BOULDER! haha, didn’t Alan tell you?

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