Climbed the Great Wall

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at the base

Friend I met on the Walk up

BIG fishie I saw at a pit stop before the great wall

one hell of a day of some tour company saying 50RMB to get to the great wall, just get there at 8:30am – hahah didnt get to the Great Wall until 4:30pm!!! so many side tracks, bus changes, amusement parks, jade factory pit stop, tourist trap lunch – haha- but still good times…i had front seat – bought some peanuts off a street vendor – ate them in the bus and just threw shells out the window…while in traffic speeding down the breakdown lane…love China…this isn’t even a big deal – traffic jam – hey just go to the break down lane and floor it past gridlock.

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  1. i want to be there!!!hope that one day i can!

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