Survived some food poisoning – minor speed bump

In china business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

so it was bound to happen…hit some food poisoning sunday evening….still hit trade shows, visited factories, and snapped some pics w/ trade show models…

getting good at this game….but more questioning of the food….

Met some Manufacturers I’ve done biz w/ before

and gotta get the trade show models….

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  1. Yeah Models!!!! is the food better quality than our very own California burrito? dude are you hearing about these fires in San Diego. I heard Ramiroz in PB is safe so need not worry. I will keep you updated

  2. yea I’ve been out of the loop on world news but read today’s paper on the plane to shanghai…..glad to hear Ramiroz is ok though…need california burritos when i’m back

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