Rate cut – time to make some bigger bets

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Well, Fed lowered their rate today 5.25 to 4.75 – nice lil rally in the stock market….also means my money market rate is going to start moving downwards…which implies I need to start betting some more money on myself and my ventures!

== Yahoo Finance Excerpt ==

The Fed lowered the benchmark fed funds rate to 4.75 percent after keeping it unchanged for more than a year and not lowering the rate since 2003. It also reduced the discount rate — what it charges banks borrowing from its discount window — by a half percentage point to 5.25 percent. On Aug. 17, the central bank lowered the discount rate by a half-point to help keep cash moving in the U.S. banking system.


Past few weeks been around the states of NJ, CT, NY – both upstate and manhattan – and meeting more people continues to give me confidence I am doing the right thing and that is a salary and some healthcare really worth fixing to a schedule??? My eyes are wide open…putting things in place…marking my points.

interest rates down today….my stakes have been raised….surely a lot of investors are thinking the same thing – they need to start putting some money at stake on some real investments – easy money going away.

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