Full Moon Today, Don’t Make Decisions Too Quickly

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As I have said, its been a transitional time for me, maybe that is how we always grow? Learn. Challenge ourselves.

I wish I talked to my father more, but I did give him a call last night to catch up. Just the idea he supports me unconditionally has helped. To be honest, I almost credit this blog…he reads it regularly. In the past, I had this internal pressure to do what would make my dad and my family proud of me. But lately I feel they will support me for what I want to do. Below he followed up with this email:

you will make the right choice
there is full moon so go slow
i have your back we will make it .
life is a good experience we end up
stronger every day that goes by
we are a strong unit that only goes up
thank you for the journey of life
we will always be as one
love jim

And he attached the photo that I put in today’s blog post. Its him on the golf course down in Florida, happy, enjoying life, seems fulfilled.

Now, I can live my life the way I think is best, knowing that my family supports me. It makes life much easier, like a weight it off my shoulders.

And my family believe in this full moon theory. When I was a little kid, I used to get wired up (like a werewolf) and run around the house until I got tired to go to sleep. They used to say it was the full moon, makes our minds crazy.

I am ready to make some big moves and changes….further developing my life and my career…..my dad doesn’t know too much about my business life, but he does warn me I should take my time, maybe wait till the full moon is over.

I’ve already made some strong decisions the past couple weeks, to FOCUS.

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  1. Transitions are always hard at the beginnings.
    That’s the reason why most human beings are too weak to forge into changes, as they prefer to cower in their own comfort zones.
    They often forget that as Time goes by, Time helps.


    1. Author

      Yes, right now I can take life to the next level or I can stay the same,

      I choose to try something new

  2. I applaud your courage.
    Just like what Frost said, not everyone chooses the less traveled road.

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