Visit to a Shenzhen Mouse Factory

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This past friday I took a trip to a China factory manufacturing computer mouses! Its a new development for the Dong Guan ecommerce center, Five Islands, and the domain (coming after is setup).

Those tatending: Michael Michelini, Mr. Dang Shuang (mouse factory general manager), and Mr Huck Liang (mutual friend of the 2 above, owner of logistics company

About the factory: its a smaller one in Bao An district. 1 floor smaller factory, on the 3rd floor. It is going to move to another, bigger location in April 2011 (expected move date) where it will have its own design team and mould room.

It is currently doing all OEM business, its main markets are Spain, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Korea. This factory wishes to build its own brand. It also hopes to stop paying Alibaba and Global Sources yearly fee, and build its own website. The factory prefers to do B2B. It hopes to develop a sales office soon.

They are very interested in cooperating with but ask what our idea for cooperation is?

The mouse factory suggests 2 ways of cooperation:

  • 1) Joint venture – each side puts in maybe 5 workers, to make a team of 10 people. But how to share the profit, and how to share ownership? The factory would be the technical support, product training, design, manufacturing.Each month they can design 1 – 2 new products. Our side would be sales, marketing, web marketing, and distribution.
  • 2) OEM – the factory sells the mouse to and at a certain price, and sells the product themselves.

So these are projects I am working on….this is what I have been building up to for the 3 plus years I’ve been in China…and my experience in America, even in my university with Engineering management and Technology management.

Will keep bargaining these deals. Have the contacts, experience, and tools necessary. Just have to stay focused, keep on track…and keep working as hard as I have all these years…..that is what it takes….going the distance, and when you can’t take any more, when you think everything is for nothing and you’re a failure, that is where you can make the difference – this is where the resistance from others has come….the resistance from other human beings…and if you can supersede that….bear more pressure and bullshit that cracks most others….then you can get to the next level.

But these are projects I enjoy, creating opportunity, an agent of change.

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    1. Author

      Yea, does seem easier, option 2….but option 1 is a bit of cash and investment…..having a meeting in Hong Kong about it tomorrow….will keep you posted

    1. Author

      thanks Alex, will see you at tomorrow ……hopefully you can meet some guys I am working with too.

  1. did you see that billionaire buffet —gates so on
    visited shenzaign car fortory in the building
    china cars sold 1/2 million
    factory construction so fast..
    like you mouse .com looks good

    1. Author

      the car market in China is BOOMING like crazy……..and they love American cars…

      seems like this is life, everyone likes imports because its something exotic

      but yes, trying my best to keep doing business in China

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